TI06 - October 19

Jorge Fiel

Zé Armindo Ferraz

Zé Armindo Ferraz, 44, Inarbel CEO. Was a professional footballer, having played for Marco, Boavista, Penafiel and Bolton. Apart from being a textile entrepreneur, he makes the green wine Pecado Capital


Persistence Simplicity Smoking moderately Oranges and apples Chocolate mousse Roasted lamb Porto style tripe Brill Cabidela rice Pop music Listening to RFM and TSF Porto To travel (I’m happy when I leave, but happier when I come back) Waking-up early Sweating in the gym The heat The Beach iPhone Boxers Shorts Jeans Slim fit shirts Sunglasses Mercedes To drive Green wine Trainers Playing Sueca Dogs – I have two: Fee (a German Shepherd) and Vox (a Belgian Shepherd) Classical shoes FCPorto

Don't Like

Lies Stubborn people (despite being one) Tattoos Piercings Rings (wedding ring being the exception) Shaving machines Blowing fans Facebook (might be a good work tool, but on a personal level is a trap and a place for hookups) Coconut cakes Turnip soup Eel Cheese Indian food River fish Holly Sunday Tanning Rooms The smell of sweat Cold feet Dampness Wind at the beach Snow Mosquitoes Slippers Lace less shoes mice SLBenfica


Zé Armindo, 44, Inarbel CEO, a company that brings in six million euro – over 90% exported, and 20% through its own brand (Dr. Kid). He was born and raised in Vila Boa de Quires, Marco de Canaveses, and became a professional footballer. The debut happened in the Recreational Association of Tulhas, and the retirement in Bolton, at the age of 28, having played for Marco, Boavista and Penafiel. He is married to Élia (“blue eyes, black hair, brunette in the summer and pale in the winter”), with whom he has two children: Rafael, 16, and Gabriel, 12, both perfectly at ease playing ball (they play for Penafiel). He produces the Green wine Pecado Capital.

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