Editorial Statute

T’s mission consists in helping the Portuguese textile community – understood as an extended universe that goes from suppliers to consumers, from entrepreneurs to managers and workers, not forgetting commerce, fashion, creators, fairs, universities, schools and training, study, technological and research centres – to advance and prosper.

The newspaper fulfils its mission by sharing information and knowledge, through the diverse platforms, from the most traditional and physical to the most digital, such as social networks, including a site and regular publications in the digital universe, as well as the presence in other media.

Owned by the ATP, T Jornal is an ardent supporter of the associative consolidation process that will only be completed when the entire row has a single organization and speaks with one voice, and therefore supports all efforts to unify the sector’s representation.

T Jornal believes that the constant modernization of the Portuguese textile, clothing and fashion industry will make it increasingly innovative, creative, qualified and internationally competitive, thus contributing decisively to the country’s progress by creating jobs and wealth.

T Jornal believes that Portugal’s prosperous and sustainable future requires creating conditions for its re-industrialization, since it is the industry that steers the research and development of new products and technologies.

T Jornal believes that the country’s harmonious development and greater well-being is based on a permanent commitment to increase qualifications and to strengthen the companies’ competitiveness, investment and exports.

T Jornal believes that there can be no economic healthy growth without balanced public accounts, which requires a profound reform that slims the state and decentralizes power, so that it can be exercised regionally and in a more efficient way.

T Jornal compromises to ensure the respect for all the journalism’s ethical and professional principles.