‘Euratex has a very important role to play in pressing for the legislative process to be carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainability and circularity”
President of Euratex MÁRIO JORGE MACHADO
Casa da Malha at Milano Unica Companies Casa da Malha will be exhibiting at Milano Unica from 9 to 11 July. At Rho Fieramilano, the company is bringing its 'Capsule' collection, which arose from the need to create alternatives to changing consumption habits READ MORE

‘The next phase of EU climate policy must focus on investment”
FAMALICÃO ATTRACTS EU INVESTMENT Innovation The Municipality of Famalicão is one of the Portuguese entities that has received European investment for projects in food and bioeconomy. TexMaTer: Retrieving novel Textile solutions from MArine and Terrestrial biomass is the name of the textiles initiative to be funded. READ MORE
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1521is the number of repairs made by Salsa Jeans with their Infinity project
TWINTEX CAMPUS Companies Twintex is preparing to merge its two production units into a single space in the Fundão industrial estate READ MORE
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