"I expect that the EU takes effective measures for the much-publicized deindustrialization in Europe."
Vitor Abreu Endutex CEO
ORFAMA IN MODTISSIMO WITH SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION Fairs Back at MODTISSIMO and “with good expectations, as in previous editions”, Orfama will present a range of organic products that demonstrate “to our customers our responsibility about the various problems that we face globally” READ MORE

“Portuguese home textiles are at their peak in this Heimtextil. Looking at our pavilions, one can see the commitment with which companies came to Frankfurt.
I feel that there is a lot of curiosity and the expectation that we are back to the good old days of this fair.”
Manuel Serrão Associação Selectiva Moda CEO
LAMEIRINHO: BLESSED SLEEP Home Textiles It is a satin sheet with 1,600 threads that Paulo Coelho Lima, CEO of Lameirinho, does not hesitate to describe as “the best sheet in the world”. Quoting a devastating sentence in a critical review of a prestigious international specialist magazine: “Sleeping on a sheet like this is like being kissed by a thousand angels” READ MORE

“Taking a bachelor, master, and doctorate without ever having had a business experience is something to change”
Isabel Furtado TMG Automotive CEO
LTDYE WITH INNOVATIVE DYEING Finishes Focused on dyeing in finished garments, LTdye is preparing to take a substantial step forward on the sustainability path with an innovative dyeing process that drastically reduces the consumption of water, energy, and chemical products. Cloud Dyeing can reuse 100% of the water from industrial effluents READ MORE

“Today we face uncontrollable costs in terms of energy and raw materials”
Alexandra Araújo LMA CEO
Tradeshows More than a hundred companies decided not to postpone the registration for MODTISSIMO 60+1. “We are at cruising speed, and we expect to close registrations with maximum capacity still during December”, says Manuel Serrão, CEO of ASM READ MORE

"Ready-to-wear orders are falling,
but there is no drop in sports,
quite the opposite"
Helena Garcia Gulbena Director
Sidónios combines sustainability
and seamless
Innovation A 100% biobased seamless coordinate earned Sidónios an ISPO Award at the most recent edition of ISPO Munich. Comprising leggings and a top, which are suitable for yoga and pilates, the set incorporates tencel luxe, a new yarn created by Lenzing READ MORE
BUREL FACTORY PREMIERS Fashion Burel Factory has just launched its first clothing collection, as a strategic and qualitative step READ MORE
TESTS WITH RIOPELE FABRICS Innovation BMW and Hyundai are in the final testing phase for the use of a fabric manufactured by Riopele READ MORE
WHO’S NEXT MEET EXPECTATIONS Fairs With a positive note From Portugal committee ended its presence at the Who’s Next and SIL fairs on January 23 READ MORE
BUSINESS RECOVERY Fairs The Portuguese textiles participating in Munich Fabric Start sensed an environment of business recovery READ MORE
was the growth in Olmac's turnover in 2022 compared to the previous year
GOOD AFFLUENCE IN PLAYTIME Fairs The From Portugal committee described their presence at Playtime Paris as "a full comeback" READ MORE
THE WORLD TURNED UP Innovation The Trends Forum promoted by Selectiva was one of the most attractive points of pavilion 12.1 of Heimtextil READ MORE
LONDON TEXTILE FAIR BALANCE Fairs A lot of good contacts were established to the From Portugal committee at the London Textile Fair READ MORE
SOREMA: THE BEST TOWEL Home Textiles Sorema took to Heimtextil the best towel in the world, which will be presented at Harrods, in London, in a world premiere READ MORE
FRUIT FIBERS AT HEIMTEXTIL Innovation J. Pereira Fernandes presented sheets with banana fiber and a tablecloth made with hemp at Heimtextil READ MORE
JF ALMEIDA: ANTI-STRESS SHEET Innovation Anti-stress sheets were the most eye-catching product that JF Almeida took to Heimtextil READ MORE
RE.STORE REUSED FABRICS Circularity re.store emerged in 2020 in Braga to transform textile waste and contribute to social inclusion READ MORE
Training Portugal is responsible for the fashion and textiles area in the European BE.A.CO.N project READ MORE
Industry ROQ is expected to reach a consolidated turnover of 88 million euros in 2022, and exported 85% READ MORE
FORTEAMS GIVES SECOND LIFE Upcycling There are already more than a dozen new products in the upcycling line launched by FORteams LAB READ MORE
SWEETPEPPER SEEDS TO SPAIN Fashion Sweetpepper has just launched its second collection. It intends to break into the first international market: Spain READ MORE
COELIMA IS THE CHOICE Home Textiles Following its nomination for the 'Readers Choice' of Home Textile Today magazine, Coelima won two categories READ MORE
PORTUGUESE KNITS AT THE WOOL LAB Sustainability The Wool Lab Digital curators selected Melino wool items from four companies to integrate the collections READ MORE
PORTUGAL HIGHLIGHTED Tradeshows The London Textile Fair organization presented some confirmed exhibitors for the next edition READ MORE
Portugal is best for nearshoring Tradeshows Portugal is, without a doubt, the best chance for nearshoring in the textile sector, assured Alexandra Araújo, from the ATP board READ MORE
Green Materials in Munich Sustainability The magazine 'Green Materials From Portugal', edited by ATP within the scope of the Sustainable Fashion From Portugal project, was also present at ISPO Munich READ MORE