"Many customers
see Portugal
as the solution.
They stock here
with more quality
and service"
ANTÓNIO CUNHA Orfama Sales Manager
GREENIN WAS BORN TO BE GLOBAL Activewear Created last year with the goal of being a global brand, the Portuguese Greenin was born to bring a more sustainable side to the sportswear market. The raw materials are organic or recycled, originating from industrial or textile waste, such as recycled polyester and polyamide READ MORE
"We have
to keep
It’s the
only way
to stay
in the
BALLET ROSA PRESENTS THE FIRST DANCEWEAR CATALOGUE FOR MAN Fashion The Portuguese brand Ballet Rosa launched the first dancewear catalogue exclusively for man. Ready to dress every dancer, Ballet Rose created an innovative collection of clothing and accessories specially designed for the male ballet dancers READ MORE
"We have been
at the forefront
of research
and production
of environmentally
friendly fabrics"
FLÁVIO DIAS Lemar’s Export Director
GOLFINHO SPORTS INVESTS 1.5 MILLION AND DOUBLES INSTALLATIONS Swimwear Golfinho Sports is preparing to double the size of its facilities, an investment of 1.5 million euros that also includes the acquisition of some machines. The idea is to reinforce the market position to be prepared and at the forefront when people return to the pools READ MORE
“The clothing
and customization
will be increasingly
DECENIO DRESSES THE PORTUGUESE OLYMPIC ATHLETES Fashion The Portuguese clothing brand Decenio developed the outfits that the Portuguese athletes will wear at the Tokyo Olympic Games, and some competitors even stepped on the runway as models to showcase the new clothing articles READ MORE
"The consumers
are going to get
each day closer
to the factories.
will be controlled
by the consumer"
MIGUEL PEDROSA RODRIGUES Pedrosa & Rodrigues’ Administrator
AUSTRIAN DESIGNER VISITS MODTISSIMO AND FALLS IN LOVE WITH PORTO CITY Fashion Present in Porto to participate in the last physical edition of MODTISSIMO, the Austrian designer Manuel Essl, fell in love with the city, having taken advantage of the visit to carry out a fashion editorial in some of the city's most emblematic places READ MORE
PENEDO CHOSEN FOR SMARTX Innovation Têxteis Penedo's Iosoftsleep 4.0 project was one of the ten proposals chosen by SmartX – Smart Textiles Acelerator READ MORE
UNIFARDAS TESTED BY PROFESSIONALS workwear Unifardas launched Hisi, a new collection of hospital clothing properly tested by health professionals READ MORE
MARJOMOTEX GROWS IN 2020 CASUALWEAR Thanks to the investment in casual wear and the bet on e-commerce, the company increased sales by 30% READ MORE
JF ALMEIDA'S NEW NATURAL DYES LANDCOLORS JF Almeida has a new line of natural dyes for cotton fibres that allows to save 30% of water and 20% of dying time READ MORE
70%of water reuse is Valerius' sustainable goal
WEDOBLE ABOVE ALL EXPECTATIONS Knitwear The start of 2021 could not have gone better for Wedoble, which has already closed next season's sales period READ MORE
SAMPEDRO WANTS TO GROW Home Textiles In 2020, Sampedro registered a 16.7% growth in its turnover, with exports increasing by 89% READ MORE
RILEY IS 100% MADE IN PORTUGAL Companies Riley is a home textile brand that tries to stand out for one reason: all of its products are manufactured in Portugal READ MORE
MTEX PRINTER SOLD BY MINOLTA Companies MTEX NS and Konica Minolta Europe signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the NS MULTI printer READ MORE
VIRTUAL TOURS FOR THE INDUSTRY Technology The Portuguese technology company Vanity Journey developed virtual tours for the textile industry READ MORE
SUAVECEL INVESTS 15 MILLION PPE PRODUCTION Suavecel invested around 15 million euros in the production of personal protective equipment READ MORE
ZIPPY IN AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST Kid's clothing Zippy is now looking at Mauritius and Mauritania with the aim of reinforcing its presence in the Middle East and North Africa READ MORE
RIOPELE INVESTED 30 MILLION Companies In 2020, Riopele acquired new automated and more environmentally friendly machines READ MORE
LECTRA OPTIMIZES PRODUCTION FLEX OFFER Lectra has launched the Flex Offer, a new software which promises to optimize the entire production process READ MORE
FARDYLOR READY TO GO ABROAD Workwear Fardylor, specialized in workwear and uniforms, wants to pave its way towards internationalization READ MORE
BLOOMATI'S NEW LINE OF FINISHES Innovation In a catalogue with more than 20 fabric finishes, sportswear and health are Bloomati's highlight's for the season READ MORE
Tajiservi custom made technology Industry Tajiservi it’s debuting a new technology that promises to increase the customization ability of online stores READ MORE
POLOPIQUÉ WANTS TO DOUBLE SALES UNITED KINGDOM Polopiqúe, which to date has invoiced half a million in sales to the UK, wants to double the turnover by the end of 2021 READ MORE
EURATEX wants fair playing field Industry Euratex wants the EU to fight unfair competition and demands the use of structural funds into reindustrialization READ MORE
MIA OUAKIM IS SALSA’S NEW CEO Companies With a career linked to brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Mulberry and Burberry, Mia Ouakim Salsa´s new CEO READ MORE