"If we want to add sustainability, from my point of view, what we have to do is make products more durable"
Business Director at TMG HÉLDER ROSENDO
‘DURABILITY IS THE BEST WAY TO GUARANTEE SUSTAINABILITY’ iTechStyle Summit Hélder Rosendo made his mark on the iTechStyle Summit with the motto that ‘durability is the best way to guarantee sustainability’. The business director of TMG Textiles emphasised the importance of benchmarking the durability of products READ MORE

"Our industry is on a clear road to change and Borgstena must be a frontline solution provider"
CEO of Borgstena on the Textile Division in Portugal JORGE MACHADO
IMPETUS CONTRIBUTED TO CTF AWARDS Sustainability Impetus Group contributed to the look of the winning designer of the CTF Awards 2024 competition. British designer Yakubu Stapleton was challenged to create a look as part of the CTF Awards using 10m of artificial cellulose fibre fabric supplied by the Portuguese company READ MORE
Impetus at Global Fashion Summit Tércio Pinto was the guest speaker on the panel ‘Tipping the scale on circular material adoption’ READ MORE
BASALT FIBRES iTechStyle Summit Kostia Sytniuk presented his research into producing the world's thinnest continuous fibre basalt READ MORE
Leggings with cellulose iTechStyle Summit Oldtrading unveiled new leggings made from cellulose yarns at the iTechStyle Summit READ MORE
The potential of recycling iTechStyle Summit Ana Tavares explained the work that Valérius 360 has been doing to give new life to industrial waste READ MORE
14was the number of countries that attended the iTechStyle Summit during the three-day event
Adalberto world player Companies ‘Our immediate challenge is to become a global player and attract people' READ MORE
ADA IN VALENCIA Companies The ADA Group will be taking part in the 11th edition of the EORNA congress from 16 to 18 May in Valencia READ MORE
SALSA GROWS IN SPAIN Companies Over 30% of the company's global turnover comes from the Spanish country READ MORE