is here to stay,
and will continue
to be a fast
growing area"
PAULO AUGUSTO OLIVEIRA Paulo de Oliveira's Administrator
FREEDOM IS THE MOTTO OF FOURSOUL’S NEW COLLECTION Fashion The expression “Come out of the closet” served as a motto for FourSoul to open doors to the 2021 summer. Thanks to materials such as linen and cotton, the “Come Out” collection brings light and relaxed suggestions, where vibrant colours are the stars READ MORE
“Digital commerce
means smaller lots
and shorter deadlines,
something that Portugal
excels in”
RICARDO SILVA Tintex Administrator
FLM JOINS UMINHO TO DEFINE SUSTAINABLE SCRIPT Sustainability FML Têxtil, specialized in the production of high-end activewear, swimwear and underwear, has just established a partnership with the University of Minho in order to adopt the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard certification READ MORE
"It is essential
to innovate,
The only
is to stay
LUÍS CRISTINO Sampedro’s President
Swimwear Kalimera, a 100% Portuguese swimwear brand, has just launched Breeze, an uncomplicated collection suitable for all bodies. This collection entails a swimsuit model, three tops and three bottoms, designed to match each other, regardless of colour READ MORE
"The antibacterial
fabric was one
of our life-jackets
during the pandemic"
VOYAGER IS IMPETUS' NEW FAST DRYING LINE Underwear Impetus has a line of quick-drying underwear, with the aim of making travel more practical. It's called Voyager and its made with an innovative and sustainable polyamide fibre that it takes up to 40% less drying time READ MORE
"Many customers
see Portugal
as the solution.
They stock here
with more quality
and service"
ANTÓNIO CUNHA Orfama Sales Manager
GREENIN WAS BORN TO BE GLOBAL Activewear Created last year with the goal of being a global brand, the Portuguese Greenin was born to bring a more sustainable side to the sportswear market. The raw materials are organic or recycled, originating from industrial or textile waste, such as recycled polyester and polyamide READ MORE
ADALBERTO'S NEW SOLAR PANELS Sustainability Adalberto is investing half million euro in solar panels, reducing its electric bill and becoming more sustainable READ MORE
EU NEEDS RULES FOR TEXTILE TRADE Sustainability Environmental organizations are asking the EU to establish mandatory sustainability criteria for textile products READ MORE
MANGO NEW LINE MADE IN PORTUGAL Home Textiles Mango’s new home textile collection for the bedroom, living room and bathroom is manufactured in Portugal READ MORE
XNFY LAB LINKS FASHION WITH AI Technology The XNFY Lab is one of the first companies to produce fashion pieces designed by artificial intelligence READ MORE
5thousand pairs of jeans are manufactured daily at Salsa
INVESTMENT MAKES PAFIL GROW Company Pafil, specializes in high-performance clothing, invested two million euros in its new facilities READ MORE
Portuguese AWARDED AT ISPO Trade Shows Trimalhas, Tintex and Bloomati by Carvema were awarded in the spring/summer edition of the ISPO Textrends READ MORE
SCUSI WANTS TO GROW IN ITALIAN Company Scusi is negotiating with an Italian group in order to find a sales representative for the entire Italian territory READ MORE
EMOH’S NEW BEACH TOWELS Accessories Thinking about the long beach days spend with family, Emoh has just launched a collection of beach towels READ MORE
CRIVEDI CLOSE TO 7 MILLION IN 2020 MASKS The mask segment paid off for Crivedi's losses in the fashion sector, even registering a growth of 15% READ MORE
ECOVEROR licence for TOP TRENDS Industry The company acquired another licence from LENZING, now for ECOVEROR, related to sustainable viscose READ MORE
TORRES NOVAS TOWELS RETURN Brands Torres Novas, the historic Portuguese bath towel brand, is back on the market, this time more sustainable READ MORE
FFF's 8TH EDITION IS ALMOST HERE Fashion Films The first and only Portuguese film festival dedicated to fashion returns in 2021 for its eighth edition READ MORE
CANTÊ INCLUDES WOMEN CLOTHING Fashion Cantê has just launched it's first women's clothing line, which can be combined with the usual swimwear READ MORE
TEARFIL LAUNCHES ECO FIBRES Innovation Tearfil has just launched two new fibres that stand out for their innovation and sustainability READ MORE
MÖM(E) named
Kid's clothing Möm(e) was nominated by the British magazine Junior Design for the Junior Design Awards READ MORE
LIPACO BETS ON RECYCLED YARNS Sustainability A specialist in the production of sewing threads, the Portuguese company Lipaco is betting on sustainability READ MORE
PENEDO CHOSEN FOR SMARTX Innovation Têxteis Penedo's Iosoftsleep 4.0 project was one of the ten proposals chosen by SmartX – Smart Textiles Acelerator READ MORE
UNIFARDAS TESTED BY PROFESSIONALS workwear Unifardas launched Hisi, a new collection of hospital clothing properly tested by health professionals READ MORE
MARJOMOTEX GROWS IN 2020 CASUALWEAR Thanks to the investment in casual wear and the bet on e-commerce, the company increased sales by 30% READ MORE