“The requests
from customers
who were
in Asia can be
clearly seen”
Fashion Jeans brand Salsa has teamed up with MotoGP rider Miguel Oliveira to create a capsule collection full of symbolism and love for Portugal. In addition to the characteristic denim jeans, the line also features T-shirts, sweatshirts and sportswear jackets READ MORE
has reached
a level
where it can only
grow in quality,
not in size
or quantity"
JOSÉ CARVALHO Carvema Administrator
KEEP MOVING: VALÉRIUS 360 REACHES LONDON AND CANADA Fashion Keep Moving, Valérius 360's first fashion film, is selected for the London Fashion Film Festival and Canadian International Fashion Film Festival. Through a symbolic narrative, Valérius 360 intends to awaken viewers to the life cycle of textile recycling READ MORE
“Like food,
textiles must have
detailed labelling
on the benefits
and harms
of the garment”
HUGO MIRANDA Adalberto’s Innovation Director
DEBUTS CONCRETO KNITTING COLLECTION WITH CAROL CURRY Fashion The summer’s late afternoon breezes and sunsets were the inspiration for Concreto's new capsule collection. Riviera is made up of three one-size-fits-all pieces that apply the savoir-faire of the Portuguese brand when it comes to knitting READ MORE
"Every day,
just to
make yarn,
we are
three tons
of waste"
DRAKE WEARS SWEATSHIRT FROM PEDROSA & RODRIGUES Fashion It is with a Pedrosa & Rodrigues jumper that the famous rapper Drake shows up on his Instagram page, highlighting the made in Portugal clothing. The fact was quickly spotted by the company, which spread the good news on its social media outlets READ MORE
"We have
a team
on the online,
that's where
the future is"
BRUNO CORREIA Play Up Manager Director
MÖM(E) SS22 COLLECTION EMBRACES NEW SIZES Children's clothing The first chapter of Möm(e)’s spring-summer 2022 collection has just been launched, and brings new sizes. Children aged 10 and 12 can now wear the garments, the baby sizes are maintained, and there are also unisex models for parents in S, M and L READ MORE
GET IN VIBE with the GIVEC GROUP BRAND It is the new brand from the Givec group and wants to empower women with vibrant colours and versatile cuts READ MORE
NON-NEWTONIAN FLUIDS by INOVAFIL Innovation Inovafil. together with CeNTI and CITEVE, is studying non-Newtonian fluids, known for their flexibility READ MORE
EURATEX CALLS FOR EU SUPPORT Industry The Euratex confederation calls on the European Commission to end the energy’s associated fees READ MORE
MINERALS DYES ARE THE NOVELTY TROFICOLOR Denim specialist Troficolor Denim Makers has just launched a denim line in earth tones, dyed with minerals READ MORE
16%was the reduction in energy consumption achieved by Riopele in the last five years
PRINTS ARE SAN MARTIN'S NEW BET Companies San Martin decided to invest in printed fabrics, a very different segment from its core business READ MORE
2020 The way with which the textile sector responded to the health crisis has become yet another case study READ MORE
80% SUSTAINABLE BY 2025 RIOPELE Riopele has set new environmental goals: by 2025, it wants 80% of its products to be fully sustainable READ MORE
"IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO THE GAME" IDEPA Idepa's comeback is being supported by the reinforcement of its recycled and sustainable solutions READ MORE
THE FUTURE OF TEXTILES PORTUGAL “The future of textiles passes through Portugal”, stated Mário Jorge Machado at the opening of the AUTEX Conference READ MORE
CITEVE TESTS FIRE RESISTANCE AUTOMOTIVE The UNECE has just selected CITEVE to test how textiles used in car interiors behave in case of fire READ MORE
SOBRI and TINTEX DO CORK MESH Innovation It was at Tintex that SOBRI found an ally to create a new type of mesh with cork, focused on circularity READ MORE
ERT debuts ACTIVE TNT PROJECT Innovation The ERT group presented the Active TNT project, created to innovate in the fight against the pandemic READ MORE
MODTISSIMO58 WAS A SUCCESS Trade Shows The numbers and the general environment felt on the venue, confirmed that MODTISSIMO 58 was a huge success READ MORE
PORTUGAL AIDS FASHION GIANTS Industry The fashion giants reduced their dependence on China as a production supply centre, and Portugal gained ground READ MORE
HYPER, THE ECOLOGICAL DRESS Fashion TMR Fashion Cloting's latest jewel is sustainable, has chemical-free finishes, and great technical performance READ MORE
ADALBERTO BETS ON SMART LABELS Innovation Adalberto's innovative smart label provides its customers greatest transparency about all the production processes READ MORE
MODISSIMO WILL BREAK RECORDS Trade Shows The next MODTISSIMO will start with an above-average turnout in the number of exhibitors and foreign buyers READ MORE
HELMET FOR THE GERMAN ARMY INOVAFIL Inovafil is working in partnership with the German army to develop the coating for a military helmet READ MORE
JF ALMEIDA'S NEW ANTI-UV FINISH Industry JF Almeida has just created an anti-UV finish, with a soft and environmentally friendly touch READ MORE