"We know we are (In)Perfect, but with your help we want to improve"
MANUEL SERRÃO CEO of Associação Selectiva Moda
RDD AND THE PRESENCE OF VARIOUS NATIONALITIES MODTISSIMO The first day of MODTISSIMO had the presence of several nationalities that made themselves heard throughout the corridors of the event. And RDD Textiles confirms this: “There are no longer just Portuguese and Spanish” READ MORE

"Traceability of production information is the prerequisite for serving transparency"
Première Vision Organization
LUNEFE LOOKING FOR NEW MARKETS MODTISSIMO Having been on the market for 25 years, Lunefe chose the 60+3 edition of MODTISSIMO to debut at the event. “Expectations are high, as we believe that great opportunities could arise in the German and Dutch markets, with which we hope to establish contacts,” Eduardo Silva, creative director, told T Jornal READ MORE

“It’s the ideal time to play cards in the USA.”
F. CAMPELOS MAKES DEBUT Fairs For 25 years, consolidating its role as a trusted partner in textile production, F. Campelos debuts at MODTISSIMO 60+3 to find new contacts: “It is a new experience in an attempt to, eventually, gain new contacts and new commercial partners”, João Oliveira, sales representative, told T Jornal READ MORE

”I wish it were easier to do business in Portugal: to work, we almost need a PhD in tax law. In the UK, everything is much simpler”
NUNO VASCONCELOS E SÁ Businessman at Torres Novas
NOVEMBER INDICATES RECOVERY Exports In November, the textile and clothing sector exported 503 million euros, registering a drop of around 1% in value compared to the same month of the previous year. Although exports of textile materials were still in the red (-11%), clothing, home textiles and other ready-made textiles recovered READ MORE

“We have to continue fighting to achieve new things, new markets, and to look for new solutions so that the year is not bad”
GRUPO LASA TAKES THE SEA Sustainability Respecting the environment and continuing the sustainable effort, the LASA Group created a new collection that aims to incorporate Azorean algae, fishing net silk, and cables into its composition. These options will be at the next edition of Heimtextil, which takes place between January 9th and 12th READ MORE
IN TRANSITION WAS THE THEME MODTISSIMO Regeneration, Blossoming, Hybridization, and Synaesthesia were the four anchors READ MORE
ASM AND CITEVE SUPPORT MODTISSIMO ASM and CITEVE support the presence of Portuguese companies at Texprocess and Techtextil READ MORE
THE FINALISTS ARE CHOSEN ITECHSTYLE AWARDS The finalists for the next edition of the iTechStyle Awards were revealed in its three central categories READ MORE
LEMAR AND MADE IN PORTUGAL MODTISSIMO “Portugal will be increasingly relevant to the Scandinavian market”, said Emil Pettersen, a Swedish buyer READ MORE
were the nationalities present in the MODTISSIMO 60+3
NGS MALHAS AND THE MOVEMENT MODTISSIMO NGS Malhas decided to be present at MODTISSIMO to demonstrate its work, and the feedback is positive READ MORE
GRUPO LATINO SATISFIED MODTISSIMO “In two hours at MODTISSIMO, we served more people than in a whole day at other foreign fairs” READ MORE
LATINO WANTS TO CONSOLIDATE MODTISSIMO Latino is back at the MODTISSIMO textile show to take advantage of “the potential" READ MORE
LOFER AND INTERNATIONALIZATION MODTISSIMO At the last edition of MODTISSIMO, with a shared stand, Confeções Lofer had its first contact READ MORE
STRATEGY OF ANTARFER MODTISSIMO Antarfer chose 2024 as the debut year at MODTISSIMO to present what it performs best READ MORE
CITEVE: EUROPEAN PROJECT Innovation CITEVE led the kick-off meeting of the project 'Across – Adaptive Camouflage for Soldiers and Vehicles' READ MORE
Fairs The objectives of this edition were appealing to awareness of quality, sustainability, and competence READ MORE
Fashion David Catalan presented his new collection at Tranoï Man with the support of Associação Selectiva Moda READ MORE
FAMILITEX: NEW PRODUCTS Companies Familitex extends its sustainable commitment and presents two 100% regenerative cotton knits that “will be presented at Milano Unica and PV Paris” READ MORE
PV NY CONSOLIDATES Fairs Portuguese products have received increasing attention from North American buyers READ MORE
PORTUGUESE BRANDS CONQUER WHO’S NEXT From Portugal delegation attended another edition of the Parisian fairs Who's Next and SIL and conquered READ MORE
SUSTAINABILITY REPORT Sustainability The first Sustainability Report of be@t is now available for consultation on the official website READ MORE
MORE THAN UK CUSTOMERS Fairs The last edition of The London Textile Fair had an increase in buyers from other parts of the world READ MORE
SEED BEARS FRUITS Fairs The balance from the Portuguese committee at The London Textile Fair was positive READ MORE
DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCES HEIMTEXTIL Which of these images were generated by artificial intelligence? And which are not? READ MORE
SUSTAINABILITY IS LESS Fairs The cork-a-tex skirt from Têxteis Penedo was the star product of the Green Circle READ MORE