“Creating a brand with our expertise is easy, the biggest challenge is setting up the structure”
ITECHSTYLE SUMMIT WITH “FRANKLY POSITIVE BALANCE” Innovation The success of the 2023 edition of the iTechStyle Summit with a “frankly positive balance”, served as a launching pad and guarantees the event next year – left in the closing session of the meeting by the general director of CITEVE, António Braz Costa READ MORE

“The From Portugal project plays an important role: its support extends to the digital world, which motivates companies to digitize their businesses”
Jonas Wand CEO of Foursource
SALSA JEANS COMMITS TO OPEN NEW STORES IN EUROPE Industry Born in Ribeirão in 1994, it is present in more than 40 countries, and it is carrying out “investments to make the brand grow in current markets, in Spain, France, and the Middle East, but also to replicate the success story of Salsa Jeans in other countries" READ MORE

"Four years ago, when we launched upcycling, someone said that we were showing the 'monos'"
Carlos Serra CEO of Troficolor
THE ITECHSTYLE SUMMIT PROGRAM Events The iTechStyle Summit returns to the Porto Cruise Terminal from the 10th to the 12th of May for its 5th edition. The program includes the presence of several figures from the national and international textile and clothing sector, along with government names such as Pedro Cilínio, Secretary of State for the Economy (10th), Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner (11th), and Duarte Cordeiro, Minister of the Environment and Climate Actions (12th) READ MORE

“Made in Portugal
can be very important
in the United States”
DECENIO LAND TAKES THE COMPANY TO THE METAVERSE Innovation Following international trends, Decenio reaches the metaverse with the launch of Decenio Land, thus placing itself alongside other brands represented in this new universe and attracting new business segments, namely the younger consumer segments READ MORE

"Internationalization is currently the survival of national companies that opt ​​for high quality and differentiated products"
Paulo Faria Commercial Director at Paula Borges
BRAVIAN USES BALLISTIC VESTS FOR CLOTHING PRODUCTION Fashion Bravian, a menswear brand from Latino Group, has a new SS23 collection that follows a strong inspiration and heritage in the military area. Having the metaverse as a mood board, the Portuguese brand advances with the use of unlikely materials READ MORE
OWNEVER: 'REPURSE' Fashion Ownever has a new line of bags made with scrap leather from previous collections by luxury brands READ MORE
Fafedry and sustainability Companies Fafedry completed yet another R&D project and achieved more sustainable dyeing and finishing processes READ MORE
50% OF RIOPELE'S ENERGY Companies Renewable energy sources ensure, in 2023 and for the first time, more than 50% of Riopele's energy READ MORE
ACATEL HIGHLIGHTED AGAIN Companies Acatel was highlighted in the ISPO Textrends awards for the second consecutive edition READ MORE
was the increase in exports of textiles, apparel, and clothing in March
ACATEL: BIOLOGICAL FINISHES Companies Acatel develops processes created with an eco-design logic that allows the gradual elimination of chemicals presented in its green offer READ MORE
Farfetch and Reebok Companies The Farfetch group is now responsible for operating the businesses of Reebok in Europe READ MORE
PARFOIS ARRIVES IN BILBAO Brands Parfois took another step in its expansion in Spain and opened a flagship store on Gran Vía in Bilbao READ MORE
LAGOFRA: SECOND LIFE Industry LaGofra has created a new line of bags inspired by the Japanese art of origami made from leftovers from its Daily Day masks READ MORE
LURDES SAMPAIO QR CODE Sustainability The textile specialist in knits wants to be at the forefront of trends: it has created a tool to digitize its collections READ MORE
SOURCE FASHION HELPS Fairs Source Fashion “aims to bring companies back to the United Kingdom” READ MORE
AIDA HOME LIVING'S NEW BUSINESS Home Textiles Aida Home Living decided to advance in the home textiles segment when it celebrates two years of existence READ MORE
PÊRA LIMA: SECOND DROP Fashion The 100% Portuguese brand Pêra Lima has just launched the second drop of its 'Embrace' collection READ MORE
ADALBERTO'S HOME TEXTILE BRAND Home Textiles Nature Revival is the name of the new collection by Gamanatura Home a brand of Adalberto READ MORE
CANTÊ FINDS INSPIRATION Swimwear Mallorca is the starting point of the new collection from Cantê READ MORE
MARITA MORENO WINS Sustainability The Global Footwear Awards recognized the Michone Carob & Laureline Carob boots by Marita Moreno READ MORE
VALÉRIUS 360 DEVELOPS Sustainability Valérius 360 was behind the new capsule production of the German fashion brand Armedangels READ MORE
JAPAN INSPIRED LATITID Swimwear Latitid's new collection for the next season inspires by the land of the Rising Sun READ MORE
RIFERTEX INSPIRED BY TEARFIL Industry Rifertex “launched its first jersey knit composed with a yarn 30% pineapple and 70% cotton by Tearfil” READ MORE
JF ALMEIDA SAVES WATER Industry Around 15 million m3 of water, equivalent to 60% of JF Almeida's monthly expenses are already reused READ MORE
EXPORTS REACH 518 MILLION Exports The results of exports of textiles and clothing in January 2023 were not as negative as expected READ MORE