“The Italian market is a world reference: when we sell to an Italian brand, we are selling to the whole world”
Paulo Melo CEO of Somelos
LIMA & COMPANHIA: HIGH EXPECTATIONS Companies Regular presence for six years, Lima & Companhia is at another edition of MODTISSIMO, confident of a positive final result. “Since participating in the fair, our assessment has been very positive. The evolution is notable, and it is remarkable it maintains its focus on praising what is best produced in Portugal" READ MORE

“There started to be a great demand for the Portuguese product, for the made in Portugal”
RICARDO VIEIRA Admin of Marjocri
OLDTRADING FIGHTS MARKET RETRACTION Companies Oldtrading is preparing its participation in MODTISSIMO, which will take place on the 13th and 14th of September at Exponor, to combat the downturn in the market. It's the second participation and the company led by Rui Gordalina hopes to establish contacts with “potential German and Nordic customers” READ MORE

“Familitex is the first home for many young people, we are part of our team, and we guarantee all the necessary training”
JF ALMEIDA INVESTS 15 MILLION Companies Part of a general investment of around 15 million euros in several production fronts, JF Almeida has just invested 900,000 euros in its production capacity, with the new Bruckner branch acquisition that will allow average productions of 80 meters per minute READ MORE

“In every crisis, there are opportunities, and this is no different. We have to pay attention”
ANA PAULA DINIS Executive Director of ATP
PORTUGUESE BIOMATERIALS AT NEONYT Fairs A. Sampaio, Joaps, Lemar, and Tearfil were the companies in the From Portugal committee, joined by the Portuguese companies Adalberto, ATB, and Malhas Sonix, who were present at yet another edition of Neonyt, which took place from the 22nd to the 24th of July in Dusseldorf, in Germany READ MORE

“Being an entrepreneur and being successful is being able to maintain dialogue, understanding what customers need, and being able to show the value of our products”
Mário Jorge Machado Admin of Adalberto Textile Solutions and President of ATP
SOMELOS AT MILANO UNICA Fairs Somelos was at Milano Unica to continue the decades-long work that made that market “the most important for the company at the European level”, and its presence “went well”, with the reception of traditional customers, but also with the presence of several new contacts with the prospect of more business READ MORE
TRIMALHAS CONSOLIDATES Companies “We have already participated in MODTISSIMO for several years. The previous edition exceeded expectations” READ MORE
Companies The company returns to “continue to show that we are different in a lot of what we do” READ MORE
CRISTINA BARROS EXPANDS Fairs The Portuguese Cristina Barros guaranteed the brand expansion on the East Coast of the United States READ MORE
Decenio takes inspiration Brands The Portuguese fashion brand Decenio launched pieces inspired by the event Decenio Green READ MORE
billion euros was the value of Portuguese exports in the first half of the year, 41.3 billion in goods and 22.8 billion in services
IDEPA: NEW CUSTOMERS Companies Ribbons and elastics with silicone application will be on the Idepa stand that will be present at MODTISSIMO 60+2 READ MORE
ADIFAFE: INTERNATIONALIZATION Companies Adifafe wants to pursue the challenge of increasing its exposure to international markets READ MORE
HOME FASHION MARKET NY Fairs A group of 32 Portuguese companies from the home textile sector will participate from the 11th to the 14th of September READ MORE
“THE SUMMIT WAS A SUCCESS” Sustainability The second edition of the Febratex Summit took place on the 23rd and 24th of August in Blumenau READ MORE
Decenio dresses Portugal Brands Once again, Decenio announced that it will be partner with the Portuguese Olympic Committee through the uniforms design and production READ MORE
Febratex Summit event Companies Three 'heavyweights' linked to the Portuguese textile world: Tintex, RDD Textiles, and CITEVE are on the program READ MORE
MÖM(E) DEBUTS IN PLAYTIME NY Fairs Möm(e) conquered an audience at Playtime New York from the 30th of July to the 1st of August READ MORE
FROM PORTUGAL RETURNS MAGIC LAS VEGAS Bamburi, More Sourcing, Red House, Sancar Socks, Vale e Vilas, and Wonder Raw were the From Portugal companies READ MORE
VALÉRIUS HUB MIXES Innovation Valérius Hub experimented with overlapping various cut pieces with contrasting textures READ MORE
VERY POSITIVE BALANCE PV NEW YORK The balance could not be more positive for the handful of companies from the From Portugal committee READ MORE
DIGITAL PRODUCT PASSPORT Sustainability It is seen as “an excellent initiative to protect the industry and the consumer” by Tintex READ MORE
IMPETUS: MUSCLE INJURIES Innovation The Impetus Group participated in the NanoSTIM, a project to muscle injuries rehabilitation READ MORE
CITEVE AND RIOPELE IN TURIN Sustainability Coordinated by CITEVE, the Waste2BioComp Consortium met in Turin on the 11th and 12th of July READ MORE
THE JUNGLE COLLECTION Companies Colorful and bold, the Jungle uniform line by Prochef is for Portuguese and international chefs and their teams READ MORE
FITECOM CERTIFIED BET Fairs Fitecom appeared in Paris dressed for the first time with two certifications – RWS and GRS READ MORE
ALBANO MORGADO'S ZERO MANTRA Fairs Zero dyeing, zero dyes. This zero mantra is the soul of the Ecolife range presented at Première Vision READ MORE
TEARFIL IN FIBSUN PROJECT Sustainability Tearfil was one of the companies present at the kick-off meeting of the FIBSUN project, which took place in Helsinki last June READ MORE
Sustainability Polopiqué has teamed up with Recover and Rieter to produce yarns with a higher percentage of mechanically recycled fiber READ MORE