“The clothing
and customization
will be increasingly
DECENIO DRESSES THE PORTUGUESE OLYMPIC ATHLETES Fashion The Portuguese clothing brand Decenio developed the outfits that the Portuguese athletes will wear at the Tokyo Olympic Games, and some competitors even stepped on the runway as models to showcase the new clothing articles READ MORE
"The consumers
are going to get
each day closer
to the factories.
will be controlled
by the consumer"
MIGUEL PEDROSA RODRIGUES Pedrosa & Rodrigues’ Administrator
AUSTRIAN DESIGNER VISITS MODTISSIMO AND FALLS IN LOVE WITH PORTO CITY Fashion Present in Porto to participate in the last physical edition of MODTISSIMO, the Austrian designer Manuel Essl, fell in love with the city, having taken advantage of the visit to carry out a fashion editorial in some of the city's most emblematic places READ MORE
economic and social
sustainability are
the cornerstones
of our operation”
JOÃO MENDES A. Sampaio & Filhos Administrator
TINTEX WANTS TO BE WITH YOU ALL DAY Fashion Tintex launched in digital format its spring summer 2022 collection, entitled '24 Hours', which over the course of 10 hours presented 10 coordinates in interlock knits that suit different moments of the consumer's daily life: waking up, going to work, play sports, swim, and go to sleep READ MORE
“High-performance textiles,
directed towards the future,
can also be sustainable
and environmentally
SANJO AND BUREL TOGETHER FOR A PAIR OF SNEAKERS Innovation Sanjo, the 100%  Portuguese brand of sports shoes, joined Burel Mountain Originals to create a collection of sneakers perfect for the winter: warm and water resistant thanks to the burel fabric, originated at the top of Serra da Estrela, in Manteigas READ MORE
“We work
with the sustainable,
with the organic,
so we continued
to work during
the pandemic”
JOSÉ CARVALHO Carvema Têxtil Administrator
POLOPIQUÉ HEADQUARTERS WINS ARCHITECTURE AWARD Company The adaptation of the stone buildings of the old Quinta de Vilar to host the headquarters of Polopiqué was awarded by the English magazine APR, which evaluates projects from all over the world every year READ MORE
RIOPELE INVESTED 30 MILLION Companies In 2020, Riopele acquired new automated and more environmentally friendly machines READ MORE
LECTRA OPTIMIZES PRODUCTION FLEX OFFER Lectra has launched the Flex Offer, a new software which promises to optimize the entire production process READ MORE
FARDYLOR READY TO GO ABROAD Workwear Fardylor, specialized in workwear and uniforms, wants to pave its way towards internationalization READ MORE
BLOOMATI'S NEW LINE OF FINISHES Innovation In a catalogue with more than 20 fabric finishes, sportswear and health are Bloomati's highlight's for the season READ MORE
8thousand square meters is the area of Riopele's new logistics hub
Tajiservi custom made technology Industry Tajiservi it’s debuting a new technology that promises to increase the customization ability of online stores READ MORE
POLOPIQUÉ WANTS TO DOUBLE SALES UNITED KINGDOM Polopiqúe, which to date has invoiced half a million in sales to the UK, wants to double the turnover by the end of 2021 READ MORE
EURATEX wants fair playing field Industry Euratex wants the EU to fight unfair competition and demands the use of structural funds into reindustrialization READ MORE
MIA OUAKIM IS SALSA’S NEW CEO Companies With a career linked to brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Mulberry and Burberry, Mia Ouakim Salsa´s new CEO READ MORE
protection FROM HEAD TO TOE INDEXCITY Indexcity Safe & Clean has just launched a range of products that promises to protect you from head to toe READ MORE
BARCELCOM's NEW MARKETS AND LOGO Industry Barcelcom has just turned 100 and is celebrating with fresh products, new markets and a new logo READ MORE
MODTISSIMO Troficolor, th company that specializes in denim, brought to MODTISSIMO the brand’s new season articles READ MORE
SOEIRO’S DEBUTED AT DIGITAL FAIRS Trade Shows Known for its sustainable articles, Soeiro waited for MODTISSIMO online to dive into the sea of digital fairs READ MORE
SMARTEX ANTI WASTE SYSTEM Innovation Familitex installed the Smartex V1, which uses artificial intelligence to detect textile defects READ MORE
ADALBERTO shone AT MODTISSIMO Trade Shows At MODTISSIMO online, Adalberto dazzled the trade show’s visitors with its summer collection 2022 READ MORE
LMA's DEBUT DRIRELEASE NAIA Innovation The company devoted to the production of technical fabrics debuted the Drirelease fabrics, in partnership with Naia READ MORE
EIGHT NEW ECO PROJECTS BETWEEN PARALELS In this digital edition of MODTISSIMO, Between Paralels presented another eight sustainable projects READ MORE
BABY GI: ENERGY AND PRODUCTION Kid's clothing Baby Gi has just invested in a new production line and is also installing photovoltaic panels READ MORE
USA bans COTTON FROM XINJIANG Forced Labour The United States have forbidden clothing products made with cotton grown in Xinjiang to enter the country READ MORE
DIGITAL PLATFORM to reach clients Industry It is through its own digital platform that Penteadora wants to contact its international customers READ MORE