TI07 - January 20

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes

Alexandrine Cadilhe

In addition to laughing and making other people happy, designer Alexandrine Cadilhe likes a good detective novel, musicalss, and cycling. On the other hand, she dislikes those who only live by social status, does not watch Reality shows, and despite living in Portugal for 30 years has not yet surrendered to the francesinha dish


Persistence Honesty To laugh To make other people happy To help Simple people To live life to the fullest People grateful for what they have Boldness Polite people Rings Necklaces Tolerant people Smiles Umbrellas Neckerchief Perfume Shower (warm during winter and cold during summer) Sleeping with an open window Alentejo Singing Jazz French and English comedies Brad Pitt Jennifer Lawrence Sophie Marceau Musicals Books Crime stories Mornings Purple iPhone iPad Warm summer nights Soy yoghurts Gin and tonic Christmas Pilates Yoga Riding a bicycle

Don't Like

Stubbornness Power moves Those who live for social status Whining Tripas à moda do Porto The smell of smoke Cutting nails in public Cellphone ringtones Driving while on the phone Piercings Francesinha Moustaches Smell of sweat Baths Flies Mosquitoes Reality-shows Amália (sorry!!!) Cowboys The night Waking up late Cowards Headphones Heights Sweaty body Cold feet Northern wind Camping Lampreys Spice Persimmons Non-alcoholic beer Driving at night Running Knitting Those who keep complaining Dirty nails


Alexandrine Cadilhe, 50 years old. Her art is turning ideas into brands, which she does in the Logo System Design atelier. Born and raised in France, from a Portuguese father, she saw that “Portugal has an enormous potential” and decided to stick around. Helping is her speciality. She likes to help companies take the right steps when creating a brand, the way she would have liked to have had someone helping her in certain situations

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