TI 16 - December 2021

"The great virtue of the textile sector is the ability to adapt"

It appeared in 2019 but its impact persisted all throughout 2021: the pandemic and its metastases were present in the decisions, performance and even the motivations of the textile sector, as in the entire industry.

TI 15 - November 2021

Valérius Hub: an open space for sustainability

Having sustainability as a keystone, Valérius Hub sought to assemble a multidisciplinary team that had the textile sector in its origins and embraced innovation targeted to digitalization and e-commerce. The objective is to have such a variety that enables presenting all the areas with companies operating in different types of products.

TI 14 - October 2021

"We had more demand than our capacity"

Admitting that 2019 must be considered the ground year, the pandemic found in Sonix and its group a strong fighter that didn’t falter, not even in the worst days. Now that the worst is apparently gone, the company is prepared for new challenges and is impatiently waiting for the return of trade fairs so as to expand its business again.

TI 13 - September 2021

"We have an investment plan of 4 million euros"

An industrial unit cannot be open and closed at the same time. After 15 days of partial lay-off, Maria de Belém Machado chose to call all employees and return to work. “Those who are not present are quickly overtaken by the competition. This way, customers know for sure that they have not been abandoned”.