TI07 - January 20

“My first
priority is making
businesses competitive”

Knowledge is only useful when carried to the companies and applied there – argues Mário Jorge Machado, ATP president and administrator at Estamparia Adalberto

TI05 - September 19

“We want to be
the greenest wool makers in the world”

In 2018, the Paulo de Oliveira group recorded an 80-million-euro sales volume. Based in Covilhã with a commercial division in Biella (Italy), the group encompasses three industrial companies – Paulo de Oliveira, Penteadora and Tessimax –, with an industrial area of 130 thousand m2, where roughly 1,200 workers make 12 million metres of fabric each year.

TI06 - September 19

is not only
about recycling
raw material”

If he were Minister of Economy, he would move the ministry to Porto – claims Duarte Nuno Pinto, P&R Têxteis CEO, the company from Barcelos who made the sports equipment for Olympic medal winners Usain Bolt, Nelson Évora and Fernanda Ribeiro

TI04 - May 19

"We invest in hardware but also in brainware"

The only way to evolve is to always be one step ahead, anticipating the customers’ needs. We know we can’t keep focusing our energy in easily replaceable products – warns João Mendes, 38, the administrator of A. Sampaio & Filhos, a leading knitwear company that closed 2018 with a turnover of 23 million euro