Push everyone’s buttons

The age-old expression “pushing your buttons” will now take on a whole different meaning with the innovative technology that Fábrica de Botões Elite took to MODtissimo’s last edition. It’s all about a new generation of buttons, able to communicate with smartphones and store information thanks to an incorporated chip. A revolutionary solution that might even replace the manufacturer’s labels on clothing, and change the communication strategies, both within companies as with the public

TI06 - October 19

Coltec opened a window for the future

It is a new generation of textile coatings, and it might well hold the key to solving many our day-to-day problems. Coltec, a company that specializes in lamination and coating, has just developed a technology capable of incorporating conducting polymers on textiles

TI05 - September 19

A lightning rod jacket that saves lives

It's the result of the happy marriage between technical textiles and electronics. Designed with the risks faced by telecommunication tower service technicians in mind, the E-Caption 2.0 jacket is a unique safety device, not only capable of monitoring, but also of protecting its users from the harmful effects of radiation

june 28

Porto Start-up creates 3D model to fit prosthesis

Adapttech, a Porto start-up, has created an innovative system that promises to improve the quality of life of people with leg prosthetics