“Play Up is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle”

Wide areas, modern automatic cutting equipment, and, in the background, a wall painted by the immense sewing line cones in the most varied colours. The sound of sewing machines and the characteristic smell of the knits highlights the 32 years dedicated to manufacturing for international reference brands. This is ETFOR, a textile company based in Forjães, Esposende, where the brand Play Up, a family project, was also born.

TI07 - January 2020

A round-trip from denim to suits

In the beginning was the denim. The pantalones vaqueros, by the brand Lois, which Maria and Firmino Gaudêncio imported from Valencia, were selling faster than hot buns. Why not make jeans here? – asked the parents of Paulo Ferreira, 54, 2nd generation manager and former footballer that led a successful tactical turnaround at a company that started off with a small manufacturing line of jeans, evolving then to the classic and ceremony suits

TI05 - September

Trifitrofa has everything you can imagine

Founded by three partners, Jaime Azevedo, Gabriel Silva, and Alfredo Azevedo, Trifitrofa is one of the main suppliers of yarn for the Portuguese textile industry

TI06 - October 19

The pas de deux of Luís and Adão

A specialist in the design and manufacture of ballet suits and with a solid presence both in Europe and in the United States, Ballet Rosa has now its eyes set on the gigantic Chinese market. Not even the troubled troika years disturbed the company's rapid growth. The brand based in Ronfe, Guimarães, already has 70 people involved in the business and exports 95% of its production to 23 different geographies