TI05 - September 19

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes

Susana Costa

The marketing manager of Lectra Portugal is a fan of sun and barbecue with friends, even because one can't really live without the other. Mother to Marcia, Tiago and Alexandre, she also enjoys listening to music and burnt Crème brûlée


Looking out for my own Honesty Humbleness Accessories (wristbands, rings, necklaces, scarves, hats) Douro DOC red wine Spicy gizzards Soul, jazz & blues To be offered flowers “Love Actually”, my movie Shopping malls Black Long Sunday dinners Sun and heat Looks that talk Cheese Coffee Terraces Poached eggs Persimmons Port Wine Jeans and heels Celebrations Talking to the wee-hours of the evening Dispute of opinions To make amends Sweets: ovos moles, chocolate mousse and whipped cream Walking hand in hand Cycling to the bakery Grapes Olives and bread in olive oil Tranquillity Corn Churros Gardens Hands Babies WhatsApp Expression wrinkles Burnt crème brûlée Tight hugs Chicken broth soup and caldo verde Silver Caipirinha To organize Rules open to adaptation My routine Second chances Tanned skin Smell of Nivea Kimonos

Don't Like

Two-faced people Mince words Cowards Games, nor playing Earphones and tampons Liver Injustices Cold feet Cold wind Moustaches Rain and wind Going to sleep angry Pouting and sulking Things done under the table Ostentation Hours in the hairdresser Traffic Gym Petty politics Disagreements Diminutives Cheap talk Cold food Snails Crumbs on the floor Insects Losing control “We’ll see it later” Insecurity Excesses Gossip Brussels sprout Long speeches False modesty Folding socks Chopping onion and garlic Slow Wi-Fi Passwords Staying awake Sensationalism Beetroot Tattoos High seas Whistles Speed Destructive criticism Failing Make-up Sweeping things “under the rug” Smell of mould


Susana Costa, 46 years old, is the marketing director of Lectra Portugal, where she has been working for 21 years. Born in Porto, she traded the Invicta city for the coastline of Aguda, but the traffic jams pushed her back North. Now she is living in Maia, very close to the Porto’s airport and 10 minutes away from work. Graduated in Marketing Management from IPAM, she is married with three children – Márcia, 17; Tiago, 9; and Alexandre, 7 –, has a dog (Happy) and a cat (Crazy) who live up to their names. In her free time she likes the sun, music and barbecue parties with her friends.

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