September 03 21



Valérius Hub recently collaborated with Gym Coffee in the development of a 100% sustainable collection – the Kinetic Capsule. “We are thrilled to have the innovative Valérius bring these designs to life, and we look forward to working even more closely with the company in the future,” explained Diarmuid McSweeney, co-founder of the Irish sportswear brand.

The partnership arose from Valérius’ geographic proximity, but also due to the company’s good practices, namely the recycling of textile waste, the use of renewable energy sources, and its chemical-free processes. Processes that are aligned with the brand’s goal: to make at least 30% of its offer sustainable and made from recycled materials by the end of the year.

This specific collection is made with cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, and recycled polyamide. The star piece is the sweatshirt, but the collection includes other items and accessories for men and women, such as leggings, shorts, t-shirts, and jackets.

Valérius Hub was created with the purpose of expanding the principles of circularity and sustainability, bringing together all business partners in the same space. One of its projects, an investment of around 25 million, is the Valérius 360, a leading textile unit in Europe for recycling pre and post-consumer textile waste.