April 22 22

Mariana D'Orey


It was a strategic necessity due to the growing volume of orders, and that TMR Fashion Clothing had long wanted to achieve: the recent acquisition of a new manufacturing unit, completed at the end of last year, will allow the company to increase its production capacity by 50 %, and thus respond to requests from its main markets.

It was at the end of 2021, says Miguel Máximo, the financial responsible for TMR Fashion Clothing, that the company acquired a new manufacturing unit, keeping 25 employees working. “It was a very good opportunity not only because now we have more space, which we needed, but also because we acquired manpower, which, as we know, is a current problem for the entire industry”, says the financial responsible for TMR Fashion Clothing.

However, the investments do not stop there: TMR Fashion Clothing is also remodelling its headquarters, which will include the expansion of office space, and a new showroom. All in all, this is a global investment of 250 thousand euros – 100 thousand euros correspond to the acquisition of the new manufacturing unit.

A manufacturer of women’s and men’s clothing in the mid-high segment, TMR Fashion Clothing aims to expand its North American customer base in 2022. “In addition to this goal, we also want to increase the production of men’s clothing for the German market, and to grow in the sport area”, at a time when sports and technical textiles already represent 20% of the company’s turnover.