September 2nd 2022



The Australians from The Woolmark Company will be present for the first time at MODTISSIMO, on the 6th and 7th of September at Exponor, where they will present the new edition of The Wool Lab and introduce the guide to the best Merino wool fabrics and yarns available in international markets.

Through research and innovation, The Woolmark Company laboratories “combine evolution and innovation” in a traditional area, transforming it into a “unique proposal, assuming an essential role in the industry” as one of the only global collections of the “best and most innovative fabrics and yarns”.

In an official statement, the Australian company claims to focus on creating opportunities for collaboration between buyers and designers, producers, and industrialists, contributing to expanding the ‘marriage’ between tradition and innovation.

The innovation “begins with the collaboration with Edward Crutchley, a young designer with an eco-sustainable approach, winner of the 2019 International Woolmark Award, and current director of Soft Fabrics and Accessories at Dior. Crutchley collaborates with The Woolmark Company as a curator to provide The Wool Lab with “a new contemporary and personal interpretation, using his vast knowledge of the textile world”. Thus, The Wool Lab x Edward Cruthcley was born: “a special edition of fabrics curated by the designer, which tells exciting stories about the world of wool” and “explores the fantastic potential of its characteristics”.

This edition of the Wool Lab presents news within the Metaverse scope, one of the five current macro trends, which reflects new habits. Moreover, a detailed view of R&D, from where powerful innovations rise in the most suitable yarns and fabrics to generate opportunities for business in the textile sector.

The Woolmark Company is a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation, a non-profit organization owned by over 60,000 wool producers that invest in R&D and marketing – strengthening the Australian supply chain.