August 3rd, 23



Less than two months before the start of MODTISSIMO, which is already sold out, Controltêxtil has already confirmed its presence as it takes conscious steps towards the democratization of its “simple and decision-making software that increases the efficiency of textile companies’ results”, said Pedro Mariano, co-founder of Controltêxtil to T Jornal.

In the specific solution created for Grantex in 2017, Controltêxtil began to study the textile industry to respond to all its challenges. At the end of 2022, the co-founders understood this solution as a replicable, applicable, and moldable product in several textile companies.

Not being an ERP (integrated business management system), the Controltêxtil software has advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning, and “manages people, machines, times and operations, everything that is around the factory floor and in a predictive,” explained Denis Petrov, co-founder.

The software has 70% unalterable code and 30% adaptable, and the co-founders guarantee that: “success lies in finding out what the problems of each company are. We are the only company of this type in Portugal. We only work for textiles and allow the customization of the process for each project”. Focused on saving time and efficiency, “the secret is that our gaze is clean and, therefore, for a problem, we have several solutions”.

Controltêxtil is thus a guarantee, as “what is not measured has no value, and our software has everything programmed, and everything is measured”, stresses Pedro Mariano, exemplifying that “there is a small company that, per day, made 750 pieces and with our system, without working more, they have already reached 1004 pieces”.

In this sense, the co-founders report that, in terms of efficiency, on average and in the first year, it is around 10%, “but there are cases where efficiency improved by 20%”.

Controltêxtil’s next flight will take place at the next edition of MODTISSIMO, between the 13th and 14th of September 2023, at Exponor, and the company based in Paredes recalls a remarkable campaign associated with the event: a €2,500 discount on personalization for new customers until September 14th, the last day of the event.