May 10th 24



Munich Fabric Start is promoting its ReSOURCE platform, which brings together fabrics and accessories produced in an ecologically and socially responsible way. Portugal, as an epicentre of innovation and sustainability, is part of the selection with 48 references from Bloomati, Somelos, TMG Textiles and Troficolor Denim Makers.

‘We’ve been participating since the first edition, we pre-select our products within the collection and submit them to the Fair for evaluation,’ explains Alberta Marimba, commercial director of the Somelos group. ‘We haven’t yet submitted for this season, and the new developments are now being finalised,’ adds Gabriela Melo, creative and design director.

‘All these platforms are important contact points for approaching customers. Through ReSOURCE we’ve been able to attract new customers, but we’ve also been contacted by our existing customers,’ Alberta Marimba told T Jornal. ‘The September issue will also have a special physical area with samples,’ Gabriela Melo points out.

‘In line with the huge sustainable movement of the last decade in the textile industry, today’s future-oriented innovations are natural, biological, recycled or regenerated cellulose fibres, including new models of the recycling industry, as well as bioplastics technologies,’ is said on their social media.

The sourcing online platform for sustainable products is available 24/7, divided into eight categories: organic/natural, denim, GOTS, innovative alternatives, biodegradable, pollution free, recycled and regenerated cellulosics.

The selected articles will also have their own area at the next edition of Munich Fabric Start, which takes place on 3 and 4 September in the MOC Munich building. The overall selection includes around 600 eco fabrics and 100 accessories.