July 20th, 23



It started somewhat timidly, with less movement than in previous editions, but with interesting customers to the exhibitors from the From Portugal committee participating in Munich Fabric Start between Tuesday and today in Munich, Germany. In the case of Somelos, despite considering that the new dates increase the costs for companies, it had a “full house” at its stand.

“We can say that, in terms of meetings and visits to the stand, the fair is running as normal with new and regular customers alike”, says Gabriela Melo, director of Creation and Design at Somelos, who, however, stresses that there is less movement and general dynamism of the fair, especially on the first day.

“These new dates are not, in our opinion, favorable because they represent a brutal increase in costs for companies: we are talking about three fairs in a row in high season, with hotels and flights much more expensive. Then comes August, when companies are at a standstill with pay holiday subsidies. In other words, we are talking about an absurd amount of charges”, further considers Gabriela Melo, also noting the need for the national textile industry to “walk all together”.

“I am interested in the fair going well for everyone, to be valued as a cluster. And there is no doubt that we cannot live without physical fairs. We always present the collections digitally, we were pioneers in that sense, but it is in the customer contact that things happen”, concludes Gabriela Melo.

German buyers, but also Austrians and Spaniards are just a few examples of the origin of the customers who arrived at the Troficolor stand. “For us, the fair is running as normal”, says Daniel Azevedo, responsible for the German market.

At the Sourcing Hall, “We have been participating in the fair for two years now, and we know that the first day is always slower for us, but we believe that we will have good surprises”, says Joana Moura. In fact, and despite the little movement recorded, Marjocri received a Czech and a Swiss buyer on the first morning of the fair “with high potential for production and effective business”.

At the beginning of the second day, Teresa Pereira from Tricothius was less optimistic. The company received some visits to the stand but “little palpable”: “We hope this edition follows the trend of previous editions and improves”.

Bloomati, Fitecom, Iberis, Lemar, MMRA, Modelmalhas, SanMartin, MGL/TMG Textiles, Troficolor, Victor Têxteis, Cityberia, Marjocri, SMSenra, Sourcetextile, Tricothius, Mtvbelts, joined by the also Portuguese Paulo de Oliveira and Somelos, are companies from the From Portugal committee to participate in yet another edition of Munich Fabric Start.

The participation of Portuguese SMEs in Munich Fabric Start is an initiative of Selectiva Moda and ATP – Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the textile sector. This fair is included in the From Portugal project, within the scope of the application submitted to the Portugal 2030 joint internationalization projects.