September 2nd 2022


Munich Fabric Start fulfills From Portugal expectations

With a strong presence, more than three dozen companies, and a From Portugal Forum, Portuguese ITV stood out at Munich Fabric Start, which happened between August 30th and September 1st. After the start-up day’s engine warm-up, expectations remained high and were confirmed.

Divided into two areas, the traditional one dedicated to fabrics and accessories and others located in the sourcing area, a recent and strong commitment of the German fair organization, it is with enthusiasm that the From Portugal entourage is already looking at the event.

“It went according to expectations. We received several customers, some new, especially from Holland, the Czech Republic, and Poland”, said Sofia Azevedo, export sales manager at Troficolor. “We were in a central space, right in one of the main entrances of Hall 3. Our location also helped”, commented the representative of the denim specialist.

On the first day, Fitecom received mainly Austrian and Scandinavian customers, where it is already well established. “Compared to 2019, it was weaker, but there was a recovery. The location was good, right at the entrance”, evaluated Nuno Neves, export sales manager of the fabric manufacturer of “designs with more color, lighter items, recycled and sustainable”.

On the part of Marjocri, the affluence grew. “We had visitors, people interested in our products, and the turnout increased”, said Joana Moura from the company’s commercial department. “We brought a line with natural tones. Our objective is to work with the most natural fibers possible, from cotton to 100% wool”. Joana Moura highlights the interest of visitors in beanies and scarves.

With an offer equally directed to the German market and Nordic countries is MMRA. Located in Studio 1 of the fair, the company that started exporting a few years ago brought to Munich mainly sustainable products. “Organic cotton, Tencel, new structures, ribbed, fluff, the usual but with new compositions”, described Patrícia de Andrade, a commercial for foreign markets, who, after the first warm-up day, saw MMRA’s presence reinforced in proximity markets.

In the Bavarian capital, integrating the ‘From Portugal’ committee are the companies António Manuel de Sousa, Aspecto, Calvi Wholesale, Casa Da Malha, Fitecom, Lemar, Marjocri, MMRA, Modelmalhas, Paulo De Oliveira, Riopele, Sanmartin, SM Senra, Somelos, Tessimax, TMG Lab, Top Trends, Tricothius, Trimalhas, and Troficolor, along with around a dozen other Portuguese companies.

The participation of Portuguese SME companies in Munich Fabric Start is another initiative by Selectiva Moda and ATP – Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal, within the scope of the From Portugal project, which aims to promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies in the Fashion field. The project is co-financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of Compete 2020 through the European Regional Development Fund.