February, 3rd 23



With a start at a good pace, the Portuguese textiles participating in Munich Fabric Start sensed an environment of business recovery, foreshadowing the strong return of orders. The opening day went very well, with full stands and intense movement.

“The first day was great”, reports Joana Girão Oliveira, reporting on the great activity at the Adalberto stand at the fair. More than the business opportunities and visits from regular customers, the marketing director highlighted the enthusiasm she felt in the buyers. “The first day was far above expectations. You can see the desire to be with us, to return to direct contact. With a different start to last year, we already felt it in London and Heimtextil, but in Munich there was even more enthusiasm. Of course, we will only know later how it reflects in orders, but this is the resumption of the normal process. Without taking it off or putting it on!” considers the Adalberto representative.

Francisco Pizarro, from JOF, also reports a busy first day. “The first day was remarkable. We had visitors, mainly from Germans, but also from Spaniards”. Taking part in this fair for the first time, the representative of the outer label producer for jeans and clothing, in general, highlighted the attraction of buyers above all “for the sustainable products we dye and what we do with garment dye”.

The Polopiqué representative, commercial director Diogo Rebelo highlighted “a strong and promising first day, with the three tables we have at the stand permanently occupied”. On this second day, the movement was not so intense, and in this presence of the Sourcing section of the fair “it is mainly the more relaxed pieces, more knits, sweats, and hoodies” which attract buyers.

Along with companies such as Paulo de Oliveira, Riopele, Somelos, Adalberto, and Polopiqué, the Portuguese textile industry in Munic had a delegation from the From Portugal project, which includes Bold Design Studio, Fashion Details, Fitecom, J. Areal, JOF, Lemar, MMRA, Sanmartin, TMG Textiles, Troficolor, Lima e Companhia, Top Trends, Marjocri, SM Senra, and Cityberia.

The participation of Portuguese SME companies in Munich Fabric Start is an initiative of Selectiva Moda and ATP – Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association. This fair is in the From Portugal project, within the scope of the application submitted to the joint projects for the Internationalization of Portugal 2030.