September 16th 2022



“Proximity, flexibility, experience and high quality”. These are the four qualities that lead Max Attermeyer, Dutch Product Manager and Sustainability Strategist, to single out the Portuguese textile industry as ideal for customers in his country.

Speaking within the scope of the MODTISSIMO Talk dedicated to the theme ‘The future of fashion and textile is circular’, Max Attermeyer stated that the Dutch and Portuguese sectors have everything to gain if they promote mutual approximation.
Firstly, because the proximity issue is no longer just a way to reduce costs but also, in the Portuguese case, this proximity means access to a sector with two strong anchors in circularity and sustainability.

Added to this, the Dutch specialist said the national sector also combines the high quality of production with flexibility that allows it to respond in good time to the customers’ requests of its customers.

In the same vein, Marina Toeters, the Dutch co-founder of Fashion Tech Farm, a studio and production incubator for innovative and sustainable fashion, intervened. Since this aspect of production is already practically an obligation, the alliance between the two countries will benefit from each of them.

The presence of the two directors at MODTISSIMO results from the fact that the Netherlands is the guest country at the event – the initiative brought together the Dutch embassy in Lisbon, the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), and the AEP to Selectiva Moda.