September 16th 2022



Exhibitors, buyers, and even the organization are unanimous in considering MODTISSIMO number 60 a success far above expectations, not only due to the number of visitors and the huge presence of international buyers but mainly because the event had a very positive impact on the order flow.

With crowded aisles and small queues crowding around some stands, the two days of MODTISSIMO were record-breaking for visitors. And the subliminal message behind the fair also passed: Portuguese textiles are a line, due to flexibility, quality, and focus on sustainability and the circular economy, which stands out globally.

The presence of 12 foreign media, according to the organization – a record number – served as a transmission vehicle to all corners of Europe. And the testimony of several participants in the Netherlands committee, the guest country of this edition, did not go unnoticed. The presence of a strong committee from AICEP, namely the Commercial Department and the Incentive Department – ​​was another remarkable moment for MODTISSIMO.

Manuel Serrão, CEO of Selectiva Moda (the organizer), visibly satisfied with the first balance of MODTISSIMO, told T Jornal that “the event could hardly have gone better, as can be seen from the record of buyers and the orders that exhibitors achieved over the two days.” But the MODTISSIMO 60 results in a complicated problem: the bar for the MODTISSIMO 61 has a very high level.