August 19th 2022



Agulha Doida is the brand of Sílvia Pais, which has just launched the collection “É do Nosso Mar” dedicated to the beach and hot days while concluding “Audácia”, a set of creations that will be made known during MODTISSIMO. Sílvia is an artisan who got involved in fashion, creating unique pieces where she leaves an embroidered fish as a signature.

“After the hobby came to the 100% bet on this project, the alliance between craftsmanship and fashion, the bet on the unique, different, and exclusive, not forgetting reuse and the fight against waste. I have an artisan letter in artisanal netting, creative sewing, and crochet. My pieces have all this mixed up…”, introduces the creative.

With a focus on detail and a slow-fashion design strategy, the pieces from the new collection are available on Facebook and Instagram from Agulha Doida.

As for the details of “Audacity”, the idea is to whet your appetite. To get to know the news, Sílvia invites you to visit MODTISSIMO (already on September 6th and 7th at Exponor), which she hopes will be the first big step in the affirmation of her work.