July 16 21



In the year that marks its 30th birthday, Top Trends is increasingly concerned about the planet’s future. The company, which two years ago adopted the WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE motto as a decisive commitment to sustainability, recently acquired another licence from LENZING, now for ECOVEROR, related to the use and production of garments made from sustainable viscose.

The concern with the Planet and with environmental causes is relentless in the company’s policies and strategy, which, among its customers, employees and partners, has been raising awareness, implementing and reinforcing a culture of environmental care, as highlighted in a note signed by the administrator Daniel Simões (photo).

“After becoming an expert and a reference in the use and production of articles made from Lyocell TENCEL – both in terms of circular knits and fabrics – and becoming licensed by Lenzing to use the TENCEL brand, Top Trends achieved one more a licence, also from LENZING, now for ECOVEROR”, explains the note.

Along with the new licence, “which is related to the use and production of garments with sustainable viscose”, the company adds that “it’s already implementing other projects that will further increase the company’s level of sustainability”, not only regarding production but also in performance, both in terms of time and costs.