April 23 21

António Moreira Gonçalves


The Portuguese company Tajiservi, specialized in textile equipment, it’s debuting a new technology called Pulse Automation, which promises to increase the customization ability of online stores. Pulse is an automation software that directly sends customer preferences into embroidery or digital printing machines, making it easier to customize clothing articles with sentences, monograms or any other design.

“It is something completely new. There is no one in Portugal that has this technology available”, said José Barroso, Tajiservi’s Digital Marketing specialist. The Canadian Pulse, represented in Portugal by Tajiservi, is the mastermind behind this new technology, directed towards e-commerce, which in 2020 experienced unprecedented growth.

With this program, fashion and clothing companies can provide a more flexible personalization service in their online stores by letting consumers customize their clothing articles. The preferences set online are then transmitted directly to the machine, without human intervention. “With this software, customers can personalize the garment with a name or a drawing. Then, the software renders the image, and sends it to the machine. It establishes the connection between the customer at home and the machine”, summarizes José Barroso.

This way, the orders pass directly from the “Checkout” button to production, making the process a lot faster, more fluid, without human error, and with lower costs.