July 31 20

António Moreira Gonçalves


“We have to find original ways to overcome this pandemic” – this was the motto that lead Tajiservi to look for innovative solutions that would prove useful in these trying times. With its usual markets still very affected, the textile equipment company created a new brand, Higibox, with which it now launches a series of disinfection and hygiene equipment, such as gantries and ozone generators.

Júlia Petiz, the company’s CEO, says the idea came from a news article that mentioned the disinfection gantries used in airports. The company realized that this technology could be useful in many other establishments and started looking for solutions.

The search materialized into a line with three different disinfection and sanitizing gantries: one with ozone disinfection, another with natural disinfectant diluted in water and a last one, 3 in 1, which combines the first two with a UV light system. The three cases also incorporate a temperature control system and an alcohol dispenser.

The equipment can be placed in multiple spaces, such as stores, clinics, nursing homes or banks. “These mechanisms are here to help reduce the virus proliferation. They even read the temperature and have a disinfection system that does not damage the skin”, stresses the CEO.

In addition to this line of gantries, Tajiservi also offers an ozone generator, a portable equipment capable of sanitizing indoor spaces.