July 6th, 23



Somelos, together with Archroma, a Swiss company specializing in chemical products, has just announced a new dyeing and finishing process that saves water and does not generate effluents. The process is called New Dry Dyeing/Ox Finishing and can be applied to all articles made from cotton.

“At Somelos, we know that cleaner textiles create a better world. We are very pleased with the partnership with Archroma in this step towards sustainability”, commented Sofia Vale, R&D Manager, in a statement.

The new method uses only water to prepare the dyeing and oxidation baths, translating into “water savings of up to 97% compared to conventional cotton dyeing and finishing”, advances the Archroma website.

“Archroma Diresul RDT pre-reduced sulfur liquid dyes ensure easy washing and direct fixation – no pre-washing required – which provides shorter processing time, cleaner production, and high wash resistance”, explains further. As for sustainable finishing processes, Archroma reveals that they are made with ozone and laser treatments.

“Archroma and Somelos believe that sustainability adds value to textile and apparel brands. Together, we have developed a water-saving dyeing and finishing process that not only represents a significant step forward in sustainability for the textile industry but also empowers brands to protect the environment,” said Umberto de Vita, Director, Denim Market Segment, Textile Effects Division by Archroma.