October, 14th 2022



Presented at meetings with the leading automotive manufacturers, Riopele has a new sustainable fabric developed with a focus on mobility and for which Riopele has exclusivity. The creative base is Tenowa. A product made with recycled raw material (textile waste) and cork waste – a result of the incorporation of cork-a-tex yarn.

A new product that fits into Riopele’s purpose of creating a deeper connection and interaction with the mobility sector, which also intends to introduce a vision of fashion at a time when the automotive market is also asking for differentiating and environmentally friendly raw materials.

“This new development has very relevant technical characteristics, with greater resistance to abrasion, pilling and wear, and has dimensional stability during the washing and drying process and antibacterial properties”, highlights the design manager for the mobility area, in the note from the company reporting the news. João Amaral also advances with the information that “Riopele has the exclusivity of this product for the mobility area”.

The company advances that this new product involved several departments. “The creative base is Tenowa – an acronym for Textile No Waste – which, in its genesis, breaks the linear production system, as fabrics result from textile waste, with no need to use only virgin raw materials”, explains R&D director Albertina Reis.

This new fabric is one of the finalists chosen in the recent MODTISSIMO as a candidate for the iTechStyle Awards in the Fabrics category, selected from several proposals based on the assumptions of innovation and sustainability. It is also worth remembering that Riopele has already announced the intention of having 80% of its articles classified in sustainability categories by 2025.