April 23 21



In the midst of complaints about the increased costs and bureaucratic obstacles with customs formalities, the textile industry doesn’t seem too much affected by Brexit. It’s the case of Polopiqué, which in January had already invoiced more than half a million, and throughout the year expects to double the weight of its business with the United Kingdom.

And if last year this market absorbed 5% of the group’s production, in 2021 the company plans to double its turnover, aspiring to a percentage of 10%. “So far we are not experiencing any difficulties in exporting to the United Kingdom, and even before the end of January, we had already amounted half a million euros,” said the group’s president, Luís Guimarães, quoted by ECO newspaper.

The leader of one of the most relevant groups in the sector says that it was in 2018 that the United Kingdom became an important market for Polopiqué. “In 2018 we had a turnover of more than 300 thousand euros, in 2019 just over one million, in 2020 around three million”, he explains.

Thanks to the performance registered in January, the perspective is that throughout the year the group will double the business volume with the UK, which leads Luís Guimarães to highlight the absence of any negative impact resulting from Brexit.

“Brexit is not having a negative effect on us”, concludes the president of the group that employs more than a thousand workers, guarantees a minimum wage higher than what is established by law, and invoices above 110 million euros.