April 03 20
From Portugal



Predicting that some fairs, during these upcoming months, may be cancelled, contacts with customers must adapt to the new paradigm. Online fairs stand out as an alternative in times of isolation, and projects such as the German Fairling are also in the scope of the From Portugal project.

“Despite being online, it is still a trade fair and checks out all the criteria. If we sign-up three interested companies, they can have their expenses supported”, explains Manuel Serrão, CEO of Associação Selectiva Moda, organizer of the international promotion project From Portugal, which usually takes Portuguese companies to events beyond borders.

The same way conference calls replace face-to-face meetings, and e-commerce replaces traditional commerce, also online fairs aim to take the role of in-person fairs, especially during this isolating period.

A good example is Fairling, an online trade show dedicated to fashion and decoration. Founded four years ago in Germany, the project currently hosts around 250 brands, in constant dialogue with the approximately 1.800 multibrand stores spread around Europe. Due to the pandemic, the website is offering a 20% discount for new sign-ups.

Brands and companies that may be interested in signing up to exclusive platforms such as Fairling or similar, can contact Rita Sousa (ritas@portofashionweek.com), from Associação Selectiva Moda, to enquire about the possibility of integrating this registry within the scope of the international promotion project From Portugal.