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Cats and dogs are amongst the main beneficiaries of MoreTextile’s green wave, presented by the group at Heimtextil. The For Friends collection is made from a series of functional products exclusively dedicated to pets.

Including beds, quilts and other accessories, the collection has three lines: the soothing (soaked in a cannabis extract, with anti-stress and calming properties), the anti-allergic (made with a fabric that incorporates natural organisms, which prevents asthma and other allergic reactions from animals) and the anti-smell (with a special treatment that absorbs odours).

“Our approach to the sustainability challenges consists on a loop that encompasses innovation, design, scientific analysis and creative solutions”, explains Artur Soutinho, MoreTextile CEO.

In a strategy called Join The Loop, the company defined three areas for intervention: the use of certified sustainable raw materials, the reuse of waste both before and after the purchase, as well as a dyeing process completely free of chemicals, which reduces significantly the water and energy consumption.

CottonCare is the brand that identifies MoreTextile’s functional products (pyjamas, sheets, pillows, quilts, towels, etc) destined to improve the health and well-being of everybody that uses them. The collection includes three lines: Cotton Mind Care (the fabrics are soaked in cannabidiol, providing a better sleep and fighting insomnia); Cotton Power Care (treated with ginseng, the fabrics helps to fight fatigue); and Cotton Skin Care (fabrics with anti-aging and rejuvenation properties that result from the Q10 coenzyme finishing).