March 19 21
Trade Shows



The 57th edition of MODTISSIMO – the first strictly virtual and therefore much more challenging for all stakeholders – “surpassed all expectations in terms of turnout”, said Manuel Serrão, the CEO of Associação Selectiva Moda, summarizing the three days of the event. In September, the face-to-face format returns, but the streaming transmissions, “which had an immense influx of people”, will continue.

The more than three thousand online visitors that MODTISSIMO gathered between March 10th and 12th are the proof that after 56 editions, exhibitors, customers and visitors don’t want to miss the chance to mark their presence at the event, even digitally. However, it is evident the eagerness with which all the players wait for the next September edition, when the trade show should return to its physical format.

“The digital edition has nothing to do with the face-to-face one, so all stakeholders want to return to the original version as soon as possible”, concludes Manuel Serrão.

However, the CEO of Selectiva Moda, the organization responsible for organizing the event, finds some positive aspects in the digital edition: “the streaming transmissions – namely those resulting from the partnership with CITEVE – went very well, the influx of people was immense, and we will maintain them in the next editions”.

Therefore, according to Manuel Serrão, the outcome is extremely positive, and the idea of making a digital-only MODTISSIMO turned out to be an enormous success.