February, 17th 23



It was with a positive feeling that the Portuguese delegation said goodbye to another edition of Première Vision Paris on February 9th: a volume of contacts above expectations, many visitors, and a good customer base of renowned French and international brands traced the scenario.

Becri is very satisfied with its debut. “These days were busy. I was surprised. It exceeded all our expectations”, says Sandra Torres, commercial director. “The fact that we brought differentiating pieces with excellent knits and the 3D technology that we presented turned out to be quite appealing and attracted our target customer”.

Spring returned home with a lot of work ahead of her and was very satisfied with the productivity of these three days. “In general, we are satisfied. It’s hard to respond to so many customers. Therefore, now we will have to make a selection”, points out Alexandra Carneiro, CEO. “The customers we established in July have returned to visit us, and the French market continues to prevail”, he adds.

For Penteadora, its performance at the fair was as expected: “in general, the balance was positive and encouraging”, comments António Teixeira, director of the company. With New contacts established, namely the French and the British market, the ex-libris of the stand “was the Reborn range, which are our fabrics in wool and recycled polyester”, says António Teixeira.

“We were at the fair with two stands, one in the Smart Creation area and the other in Fabrics. We received visits from French clients, but also from Canada and the United Kingdom”, says Joana Oliveira, marketing director at Adalberto. The company brought a complete collection to Première Vision with new techniques, finishes, and prints. Moreover, Poncho I22OLED, which opens the doors to the metaverse, was presented.

For JF Almeida, the balance is equally positive: “we mainly serve the French”, says Miguel Sampaio, responsible for the yarn export area. As a spinning mill, the Moreira de Cónegos’ home textile presented new fibers and special finishes such as UV protection, fire retardants, and antibacterials. “In this edition, we present our new collection of colors in dyed yarns, and the new collection of papillary yarns. In addition, we had all our yarns manufactured in our spinning mill, mainly our star yarn 360 (recycled), in different mixtures”, details João Almeida, the administrator.

In the Smart Creation area, right next to the iTechStyle Green Circle in Hall 4, was Wonder Raw. “T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, fully customizable, are our three classics. But visitors have shown interest in the concept itself”, says Luis Oliveira, CEO, highlighting the advantage of having lower minimums than other companies.

For Lemar, the first day “went good”, says Flávio Dias. “We worked well all day. All customers have leaned towards our sustainable proposals”, says the Export Sales Manager. The offer included more references produced with recycled polyamide QNOVA and a first-hand presentation of fabrics made with EVO, BIOCARE, BY NATURE, and QCYCLE fibers. “We receive clients from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and France”.

With the stand always busy, Quinta & Santos was happy with its debut. “Our three commercials were busy with clients from the English, American, Swiss, Spanish and German markets”, says José Santos, administrator. “We are presenting our natural dye ‘nano eart dye’ in the Smart Creation area. An exclusive and an offer that is giving us projection”, adds the administrator. The dyes are natural and made from mineral extracts. Together with cutting-edge nanoparticle technology, it makes final dyeing possible without excess. It also allows lower temperatures and shorter bath rates.