October 29 21



Sustainable raw materials already have a substantial expression at Impetus, but the group decided to go further, and has just added two new types of yarn to its range: E*Retrace and the 100% carbon positive cotton yarn Good Earth Cotton (GEC). The company is increasingly choosing recycled fabrics made from post-consumer material or industrial waste mixed with virgin fibres.

E*Retrace is a recycled yarn made from textile waste from the group’s own production process. “The reuse is done through a sorting system that collects and parts the production waste”, says the company in a statement. The waste is then crushed, and the European spinning mill is in charge of turning it into yarn, which then returns to Impetus to become a mesh. The goal is to reduce waste to zero.

The GEC cotton is called positive carbon because the carbon withdrew is higher than the one created during the growing process. “We were one of the first companies in the world to use Good Earth Cotton, and our goal is to start using this cotton in most of our production”, says Ricardo Figueiredo, group administrator, mentioned in the statement.

These choices result in a significant reduction in water consumption, and also in less CO2 emissions. They also have the advantage of encompassing the Fibertrace technology, which makes it possible to track the entire process, making the entire chain more transparent and measurable.