May 14th 2024



FORteams LAB, known for its sports merchandising, is already calling the summer with its beachwear/swimwear line, consisting of beach shorts, bikinis and swimsuits. The offer is also completed with bath towels.

‘We develop basic products, select the raw materials that seem most appropriate and then produce them according to our customers’ designs and vision,’ Nuno Santos, chief communications officer, told T Jornal. ‘The sublimation technique allows us to deliver beautiful products with added value. We are also naturally prepared to make changes to the products we develop to fully meet our customers‘ preferences,’ he adds.

This focus on beachwear is accompanied by FORteams’ usual sustainable approach, with recycled polyester options, for example. ‘We are certified SEAQUAL partners and this material has been increasingly popular among our customers,’ says the CCO.

The company has been making this type of product for about three years, and its weight in the FORteams LAB universe is ‘still relatively residual’. However, according to him, ‘if we look specifically at the sublimation sector, we’ve experienced quite significant growth. It’s a product family that we knew was interesting for our customers, but which has also managed to attract the attention of new customers,’ he concludes.

2023 was a challenging year for the Vizela company, but for 2024 the company expects a year of growth. ‘The first quarter’s results were in line with our projections, so we believe it will be a good year for us,’ Nuno Santos told T Jornal.

They have also invested in new knitting machines with the aim of increasing production capacity. ‘We’ve realised, especially in the sports merchandising segment, that there have been some changes in customer preferences and so we’ve had to help our production capacity with these technologies that are more in demand today,’ he says.