September 30th, 2022



In five months, the Smartex system allowed Casa da Malha to make relevant savings on manufacturing and environmental costs and waste. After a pilot project, the knitwear manufacturer from Perelhal announced a definitive partnership with the technology focused on efficiency in textile manufacturing.

Between April 1st and September 1st, Casa da Malha saved 1,858 kg of raw material, 208,170 liters of water, 16,728 kWh of electricity, and 4,165 kg of Co2. The accounting presented in the statement where the two companies announce “a new partnership that exemplifies how Casa da Malha invests in cutting-edge technology, in the sophistication of processes and always improving the quality of production”.

According to the manager of the Barcelos plant, Carlos Dias, the system “avoided major losses in our production chain, so obviously we intend to continue this promising partnership and cover our entire production system”. On the Smartex side, CEO Gilberto Loureiro expresses his satisfaction “for having concluded a successful pilot, and now we are working alongside Casa da Malha, setting a precedent here in Portugal and Europe for a super modern and efficient factory”.

Smartex’s goal is to help the textile industry become more sustainable by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI helps to eliminate defective productions through sensors, cameras, and accelerometers with computer vision and artificial intelligence systems, which can detect fabric defects right from the weaving process.

Focused on creating value through innovation and development of technical, functional, comfortable, and highly differentiated knitwear, Casa da Malha is a company that invests in efficiency and cutting-edge technology. “With a wide production area with state-of-the-art circular looms, electronic and mechanical, capable of transforming various types of fibers (natural and synthetic) into different knitted structures such as jersey, piqué, terry, interlock, rib, honeycomb, among others”, as it appears.

Knitters in countries such as Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan already adopted Smartex’s system that eliminates waste at the origin of the textile manufacturing process. In Portugal, Casa da Malha now joins manufacturers such as Impetus, Tintex, and Familitex, which already use the Smartex platform.