April 30th 2024



Familitex is celebrating 25 years in business this April. Along the way, the company has had a “series of achievements and challenges” that it has overcome with flying colours. For the future, the company intends to continue consolidating its position in the circular knitwear market and reaffirm its commitment to sustainability.

“Familitex has stood out over the years for its ability to adapt to changes in the global market, facing challenges such as international competition and economic fluctuations,” Ana Lúcia Araújo, from the Innovation, Design and Marketing department, tells T Jornal.

“Since it was founded, the company has grown and diversified its operations in the textile sector,” currently catering for four types of knitwear: Fashion Line, Premium Line, Technical/Sport Line and Green Line. In terms of numbers, it has a total area of 12,000m2, 104 circular looms and daily production of around 30 tonnes.

Currently the focus is on strengthening its presence on the global market by offering eco-friendly products and to adopt more efficient production methods. Among the countries to which it exports are Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Slovakia and Morocco. Asked where she sees the company in 25 years’ time, she replies: “We imagine Familitex celebrating its 50th anniversary as a stronger company”.