May 13th 2022

Bebiana Rocha


Innovation doesn’t stop at Barcelcom, a company specialized in textile products with graduated compression, and that now has a new model of sock designed from the ground up, especially thinking about sailors. The challenge came from 147 Sailoring, which challenged the company to develop a new model of socks simultaneously light, breathable, thermoregulatory, and sustainable.

After an extensive testing phase, and benefiting from the company’s vast experience in the medical and sports field, Barcelcom responded with an anatomically designed sock “that fits the foot perfectly”, and has a high breathability, “keeping the foot dry”.

The new product is also capable of regulating the foot’s temperature, and has a soft cushion “to reduce vibrations and provide greater comfort” to the user, details the company.

Regarding the sustainable aspect, the socks are made from recycled plastic collected from the oceans. “This new product has allowed for the development and testing of other 100% recyclable materials” adds Barcelcom, noting that they are now part of the company’s portfolio.

Founded in 1921, Barcelcom is currently developing technological and innovative products, especially graduated compression socks and sleeves, directed to the health and sport sector. “If it’s in our DNA to innovate, we won’t say no to a great challenge. The sailors are grateful and so is the sea”, summarizes the company, proud of its new achievement.