April 09 20

António Moreira Gonçalves


Having increased their productive capacity in the past year, Barcelcom has in-store for 2020 yet another series of investments, including new equipment for packaging. “We want to streamline our production chain, in order to increase efficiency and reduce production timings”, discloses Nuno Mota Soares, project & business manager of the company.

Invested on rebranding of its own brand – a process that began three years ago – the company from Barcelos revealed, in November, its new corporate image, based on the concept “B everything you want”, thus thriving for the internationalization of the company. “The B for Barcelcom also stands for “Be” in English, and is a clear image of what the company represents: exports”, explains Mota Soares.

With a turnover of around three million euro and an increase in production of 20% in 2019, Barcelcom currently exports more than 90% of its production. In the past years, the company has excelled in the development of graduated compression products for therapeutic use, such as the Electrosocks, which promote muscle recovery through electrostimulation (NOS 2018 Innovation award), or the Medical Pro, adequate for people with vein issues.