March 19 21
Trade Shows

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes


The presence at MODTISSIMO online was “very important” and, for that reason, Adalberto dazzled the trade show’s visitors with its summer collection 2022, unique and sustainable. Another novelty was the Adalberto Studio platform for customers, as well as the production process digitization with the use of 3D technologies.

“The Portuguese market is very important for our company, so MODTISSIMO is an opportunity to be near our closest customers, even more so at this time when visits to customers are very conditioned”, guarantees Carlos Araújo, Adalberto’s Team Leader.

To ensure that, the company participated in the marketplace of the Portuguese textile salon, a sector of the fair with exclusive access to buyers, where exhibitors were able to fill out an availability schedule and be contacted by potential customers at a previously established time.

Despite also looking forward to contact international buyers – “especially from the Spanish market, due to their proximity, which for us is vital” – Adalberto’s goal for this edition of MODTISSIMO was to dazzle the Portuguese market with its women’s and men’s summer 2022 collection, which, according to the Team Leader, is filled with originality and sustainability.

And because the three main pillars of the company are innovation, sustainability and responsibility, the entire collection is made according to the best ecological practices, both in terms of materials and processes.

The women’s collection is divided in seven themes – Botanic Living, which features ecoprints with natural textures; Vintage Bloom, a vintage look given by small, romantic and delicate flowers; Lovingly Crafty, with a more nostalgic side, where patchworks and embroidery imitations shine; Retro Shapes, with retroflorals, macroprints and the flower power of the 60s and 70s; Bright Basics, which encompass the geometric classics, like stripes and checkered patterns, but with a creative twist; Maxiflower, with macropints in watercolor style and manual paintings; and Exotic Views, featuring tropical designs, fruits, palm trees and exotic flowers.

In the men’s collection, the classics stand out – microdrawings, polkadots, stripes and small motifs – and three casual lines: Crafted, with contemporary patchworks in light colors; Retro Vacation, with tropical patterns ideal for shirts, t-shits or swimming trunks, in a more relaxed look; and Trippy, with fun and psychedelic patterns.

“Regarding the production processes, we apply techniques and finishes that use less water and less energy, as is the example of the antibacterial and antiviral finish, that allows shorter washing cycles and at lower temperatures. As for materials, we use ecovero, organic, recycled and biodegradable fibres. We have been committed to sustainability for a long time, and we want to keep walking that path”, guarantees Carlos Araújo