September 16th 2022



Among its various business lines, Adalberto Estampados has been promoting activity oriented towards fashion and home textiles, focusing on sustainable and innovative practices while closely following new design trends. Two novelties embody this focus: food lab and aromatherapy.

The food lab is a cloth based on fibers made from banana, pineapple, orange, and soy waste. As Carlos Araújo, Sales Manager, says, “the interesting thing is to be able to recycle things that, normally, in our day-to-day life go to the trash, and the number of things that can be used and recycled is immensity”.

In turn, aromatherapy results from the release of fragrances. With friction, walking, and natural use, the microcapsules release aromas (lavender, fresh linen, green tea) and active principles such as Q10 or avocado. They are, therefore, fabrics in which the textile fibers have a therapeutic component, as Carlos Araújo explains. “With daily stress, relaxation is important, well-being is relevant”.

The presence at MODTISSIMO is a constant, and Adalberto Estampados was also in the 60th edition of the event. With a stand guided by innovation, namely the offer to support the creation of collections through artificial intelligence, the company said the turnout was splendid.