September 03 21



Providing precise information about the carbon footprint, the origin of the fibre, the place where the yarn is manufactured, and even the amount of water used during the production of a piece, is the purpose of Adalberto’s innovative smart label. This way, the company provides its customers greatest transparency regarding all the production processes.

Susana Serrano, the company’s CEO, highlights that the most important thing is to guarantee total transparency of the value chain. “In the past, we showed only a part of the chain; we couldn’t grasp it entirely. Now we have already covered the entire chain, from the moment we pick the yarn that will make the mesh, up to the moment it reaches the final consumer”, she explained.

Traceability is also important to prove the company’s good environmental practices, such as the blockchain technology, which ensures that all energy comes from renewable sources. In terms of production processes, Adalberto has the best and fastest digital printing machine, with a production capacity of 40 meters per minute.