September 16th 2022



Acatel was sought insistently after by new customers, almost all from foreign markets: “Finnish, Greek, Spanish and German” filled the Impetus group company’s stand, according to Susana Serrano, the company’s CEO. A ‘walking invitation’ also contributed to this: two young people walking around the fair with a banner that promised a “welcome drink”.

From this point of view – from the new customers – Susana Serrano made a very positive analysis of the presentation of the company she directs in MODTISSIMO number 60: “it was very positive, and the impact of the Netherlands being the guest country proved to be very important”.

About a year ago, Acatel started to develop a new positioning, which led the company to assume “a vertical position and no longer just services”, and the materials it brought to MODTISSIMO showed this. Perhaps the most striking will be the ‘Mineral Fruit’, which incorporates 80% viscose, 10% pineapple peel, and 10% banana peel – which “Acatel wants to patent”.
The investigation of this fabric and countless other innovations belongs to Acatel, which has a large budget to develop new products.