July 30 21

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes


The fabric manufacturer Le Europe, owner of the La Estampa brand, has just launched a new business segment aimed at smaller brands. It’s called Matteria and, in addition to its sustainable concerns, offers a 100% digital service, designed for small and medium customers, who require a different type of service than that provided to large buyers.

With four annual collections, Matteria presents itself as 100% sustainable, both in raw materials and in the sales processes. “We developed a digital platform where the customer can see the various fabrics applied in practice. In other words, a photo of a dress or shirt with a certain print appears on the screen, and as the customer clicks on the patterns they want to see portrayed, the image changes”, explains Gabriela Moreira, the company’s representative.

This process, in addition to very convenient for the customer, who can immediately see how the fabric will look in a particular piece, also represents many sustainable gains, taking into account that it does not require sample production and all the extras associated to it, such as labels.

However, the company’s ecological concerns do not stop there: all fabrics are certified – whether with recycled organic Ecovero, GOTS, OEKO-TEX or OCS.

This new segment complements the service provided by La Estampa, premium, more exclusive and, therefore, directed towards a larger and more fast-fashion-oriented customer.