July 30 21



With the inauguration of Hata’s new facilities, the Tintex group takes a giant leap forward in terms of production capacity, bringing together all the company’s knitting in a single unit. The new facilities, with close to three thousand square meters, represent an investment of more than three million euros.

Mário Jorge Silva, founder and chairman of the group’s board of directors, stated that this investment “represents not only a reinforcement of the group’s innovation, sustainability, performance and transparency, but is also a confirmation of the excellence of the Portuguese textile industry”.

With the inauguration of the new unit, Hata closes the temporary facilities where it has been operating since 2017. At the same time, it concentrates and considerably increases its knitwear production capacity, adding eight new machines to the 16 that came from the old unit.

At the inauguration, the founder of Tintex also paid tribute to his father, Ramiro Martins da Silva, by unveiling a statue located near the entrance to the new unit. Mário Jorge Silva highlighted the symbolic aspect of the ceremony, not only because the new unit is located in the place where the company was born, but also because the inauguration took place one week after Tintex’s 23rd anniversary.