June 8th, 23



Smartex officially presents an innovative traceability tool for fabric rolls at ITMA 2023: the Smartex Loop. This solution makes it possible to eliminate the need for manual data collection and communication. The Portuguese company thus remains at the forefront of innovation dedicated to the textile sector.

Building on the success of Smartex Core – an AI-enabled, automated quality control product – Smartex Loop enables suppliers to leverage fabric roll-level data collection and revolutionize supply chain communication.

Through Smartex Loop, users can quickly scan the Loop Passport of any roll of fabric – or review all their rolls on the Smartex platform via computer or mobile phone – and instantly access a wealth of information about the history and quality of the fabric production of this fabric roll.

The tool thus equips textile manufacturers with the means to increase product value, increase productivity, quality, and transparency, and stay ahead of the industry’s dynamic scenario, as it allows the identification of problems in the fabric roll, identifying the exact machine, worker, or supplier. In this sense, it provides irrefutable evidence of product quality through a digital roller map in case of disputes in the supply chain, which avoids litigation.

The Smartex Loop also enables waste reduction, and tracking of stock and tier 2 production sites, enabling fashion brands to meet the growing demands of legislation, investors, and consumers for improved supply chain data.

Smartex’s mission is to provide cutting-edge tools to modernize the textile industry at ITMA 2023 in Milan between June 8th and 14th to present the Smartex Loop, and several updates for its production partners.