July 26 21
Circular Economy



Recutex, Fiavit and Lurdes Sampaio teamed up to create Rfive, a circular economy project that combines the knowledge, experience and skills of the three partners to embody the concept of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle, renew and restore.

The process is simple: Recutex recycles textile fibres from unused or old garments, and Fiavit uses those fibres to make new yarn. Then, Lurdes Sampaio uses that yarn, which has a high percentage of recycled fibres, to make new knits that will be transformed into fresh textile products.

“This is a turnkey project that incorporates more than half a century of experience in the production of recycled fibres”, states the administrator of Recutex and Fiavit, João Valério, while Conceição Sampaio, CEO of Lurdes Sampaio, highlights the sustainable potential of the partnership.

The process begins with the collection of textile waste, followed by the selection, separation and preparation of textile fibres. Then it’s time to spin the recycled fibres, and it all ends with the production of knits with recycled cotton.

“Therefore, our production has zero CO2 emission, and it doesn’t use water or chemical products. We have closed a circular economy cycle”, concludes the administrator of Recutex and Fiavit, adding that Rfive’s goal is to offer a high quality final product.