July 24 20



As a way to fight the obstacles and difficulties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, which are having a special predominance in designer fashion, stylist Luís Buchinho decided to develop a line of accessories designed to be sold online and which is already available for purchase on the designer’s digital platform.

“Designer brands have to think of solutions to overcome their customers’ reserve – for financial, personal or emotional reasons – to go to the usual sales venues where their products are held for sale”, explained Luís Buchinho to T Jornal.

With online commerce presenting itself as an essential ally, it was time to deliver products that are different and better fitted for digital commerce. The accessories, due to their small dimensions and their immunity to size or fitting issues, were chosen.

“We bet on more inexpensive products, of “unquestionable” usability or wearability, such as scarves, masks, glasses and jewellery. They are easy to pack, are great at showcasing the brand’s signature, and represent low risks – unlike clothing – when ordering sizes. This makes the buying and selling process much more fluid”, explained the designer.