May 07 21
Industry 4.0



Lectra, a supplier of industrial intelligence solutions, has just launched Flex Offer by Lectra, a new software for fashion manufacturers with which promises to optimize the entire production process, and, thereby, help to increase profit margins.

Flex Offer by Lectra optimizes material consumption by determining the amount of fabric required to make the pieces, in compliance with the customers’ specifications. The solution’s integrated algorithms process all orders simultaneously, allowing manufacturers to save time, as they are no longer limited by computing power.

This technology appears at a time when, in addition to concerns about sustainability, the consumer requires a greater variety of options, which translates into the need for more frequent collections, with shorter production cycles for complex products. “With these strict requirements, it’s imperative to manage the amount of material needed, as well as having a system that optimizes workflows”, explains Lectra in a statement.

Flex Offer by Lectra has functionalities for each stage of the process: cost estimation and response to quotation, provisioning and production requests. For this, three modules have been developed: standard mode, which processes the largest amounts of placements and offers a balance between speed and material efficiency; the urgent mode, which provides, in minutes, the speed needed by the manufacturer; and the strategic mode, which ensures maximum material savings for the most expensive fabrics or for large volumes.