May 8th 2024



The Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Portugal, Daulet Batrashev, was in Famalicão, to invite entrepreneurs in the sector to invest in the country, namely by taking advantage of the abundance of raw materials such as cotton and wool yarn. The morning visit to the Textile City included a visit to ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal.

‘Kazakhstan wants to develop its home textile industry to supply the population and to be an exporter of textile products. They identified Portugal as a country with which there could be co-operation for Portuguese companies to invest in the region,’ says Mário Jorge Machado, president of ATP.

‘Kazakhstan is currently an importer and wants to evolve in the production sector. To do this, Kazakhstan needs companies with the knowledge and technological capacity to help it make this transition. At ATP we have members who have the technological and financial capacity to respond from spinning to clothing, fulfilling all the requirements,’ he continued.

The meeting also resulted in an invitation to organise a visit by some companies wishing to invest in that country and the Association also mentioned the issue of investment support and also requested information the size of the market in order to make an assessment of the economic impact.

‘Kazakhstan’s advantage is that it is a country with a healthy economy, with infrastructures in place and a stable political system. The country is also an interesting partner for selling to other republics around it, such as Iran and the whole of Central Asia.’

With the aim of improving the labelling of its products, improving human resources and increasing production capacity, Kazakhstan has a Roadmap for the Development of Light Industry running from 2022-2025. A visit to the Technology Centre for the Textile Industry, CITEVE, was also included.