February 14 20



The fashion stylist Katty Xiomara and the designer and former fashion model Estelita Mendonça are the two Portuguese on the exclusive group of 13 winners of the OpenMyMed prize. The contest organized by the Maison Méditerranéenne dês Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), from Marseille, France, aims to develop and highlight the design made in Mediterranean countries.

Each winner of the 2020-2021 edition will receive 45 thousand euro and will take part in a ‘Campus Fashion Booster’, which will last five days and will be located in Marseille. The voting happened online, through Facebook, but an international jury of experts also had a big say on the matter: of all the submissions received from 21 countries, the jury selected 25 creators. Twelve didn’t make it to the final phase.

The OpenMyMed contest, put together annually since 2010, has the mission of supporting the winners on three key sectors: strategy, communication and commercialization.

In last year’s edition of the contest, a jury made of the board of directors of MMMM selected 30 winners from the contest last eight editions to celebrate the 30 years of the institution. Among the chosen ones were the Portuguese Susana Bettencourt, winner of the 7th edition (2017), and Luís Carvalho, winner of the 8th edition (2018).