June 23rd 22


HR Group uniforms already arrived at McDonald’s

Specialized in workwear, HR Group delivered to McDonald’s the newest uniforms, produced at their facilities in Mangualde. The new models distributed among the eight thousand collaborators represent a 1,2 million euros investment.

“HR Group is an inspiration to be stronger and more consistent, and the production of McDonald’s uniforms is a proud moment at HR Group,” states the General Manager, Fernando Mateus. Moreover, the General Manager highlights that the textile group “focuses on a process made in Portugal, which aligns with the social responsibility from McDonald’s.”

In the communication where they present the new uniforms, the American chain brand accents that the uniforms are a 100% national product, from their conception until the textiles and the fabric. Sérgio Leal, Head of Marketing and Communication, affirms that “it’s essential that the top brand ambassadors feel good with the clothing, not only in a practical sense but also as a matter of taste and identity, with their relationship with McDonald’s.”

The uniform renovation process was held by CITEVE and coordinated by the designer Paulo Cravo through a contest for national young creators and Design and Fashion students. Cátia Abreu and Melanie Melo were students at ESAD at the time, and they were the winners, and it was their responsibility to develop and design the uniform.

With different solutions adapted to each function, H&R produced 77 thousand pieces, now distributed among the collaborators in the 189 brand restaurants across the country.