March 04 22
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Bebiana Rocha


JF Almeida wants to increase its notoriety and exposure to international markets, and to achieve that is betting on the company’s highest quality bed, bath and table textiles, already famous among its accustomed. To increase production, JF Almeida has bought 30 new looms, which will allow the company to increase production by 50 tons, rising its production to 650 tons of articles per month.

The expansion plan was highlighted in the Spanish magazine ‘Equipamiento Hostelero’ in its first edition of 2022. The publication attributed the success and excellent quality of JF Almeida’s textiles to its verticality: “the fact that the company carries out the complete production process within its facilities allows total control over the traceability of the articles, as well as the ability to carry out an exhaustive quality control in all production processes”, they conclude.

The company recently announced that it would equip the luxurious Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort and SPA with products for bed, bath and table. The collection designed for this purpose is entirely made with noble materials, natural fibres, and using the most environmentally friendly processes.