October 01 21



Despite covering the body, the fibres that make up our clothes let the sun’s rays pass through. An extra barrier is needed to protect the most sensitive skins, especially on days of greater heat and exposure to the sun. A barrier that JF Almeida has just created: an anti-UV finish, with a soft and environmentally friendly touch.

This finish is based on mineral titanium dioxide that reflects ultraviolet rays, thus preventing the skin from absorbing radiation. JF Almeida explains to T Jornal that “textile construction has a limiting effect on the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), and with proper fabric construction, the requirements of common standards can be met, depending on the substrate, for UPF 30, UPF 50 or UPF50+”.

The Anti-UV finish can be applied to different materials such as cotton, linen, polyester and polyamide. The company adds that this is a bluesign finish approved by GOTS 5.0, ECOCERT Greenlife and Gateway ZDHC level 3 standards.

Anti-UV is just one of the many finishes by JF Almeida, and it’s part of the protection category, together with Cottpure5, developed to reduce the spread of fungi, viruses and bacteria; and Neflame, which prevents fire from spreading.